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My Name is Miracle Nitreese I am 20 years old and I just recently became a member of PI…. The point of my Story is this at the age of 17 I gave my life to Jesus. the best decision I ever made. in 2011 and 2012 I was in serious depression there were a lot of negative people and influences surrounding me and my family… I honestly didn’t feel accepted or Loved by anyone around me so my alternative was Boys. During this phase I talked to about 8 or 9 guys throughout the months but what I am most ashamed to admit is that I sacrificed myself for the Love of someone who had no intention of ever caring for me. I let these boys mess with my mind and my heart all the while letting them see parts of my entire body no one but me is supposed to see after all the sweet talk, the Lies. The Pain, Embarrasment and Shame… It took the Love of my grandmother to revive me all my Life she taught me about Jesus but when I lived with her she taught me in depth how to serve the Lord she began taking me to church and after that first service and meeting amazing new people I finally felt like I was somewhere I belonged.. after a month of attending my new church at the age of 16 I was baptized and from that moment I knew I was FREE… on June 12th 2012 while at Bible Study I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost… I have been saved for 21/2 years now as I write this… the First year was a challenge it seemed everything I said or did was wrong… the only support I had and still have is from my grandmother who encourages me daily… my family doesn’t understand my dreams or why Jesus is so important to me… but I have an amazing Youth Group and church family who loves me for the Woman I am they have inspired me, encouraged me, uplifted me, I consider them my family because they Saved my Life and is always pushing me to strive for greatness… God has been a great Joy to me all this time…I never knew I could Love Someone so much.. Jesus is My Best Friend, My Boyfriend He is everything to me I Love to Pray because whenever I cant talk to anyone else I Go to Him Always!!! I Love Jesus He is still working on me and fulfilling every purpose, dream and Plan that He Has Created For Me… I Trust Him with my Life.. He changed My Life… He can Change Yours Too… Let Him into Your Heart Today…. Tomorrow is NOT PROMISED TO YOu… Repent!!! I Love You!!!

March 22, 2015 at 09:52
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