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I don't feel like I'm being fed spiritually/I'm kinda want to change churches

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I am a college sophomore and at my church’s youth group (which I’ve been attending since 2nd grade), we have the middle school, high school and college combined. Before this, middle school, high school and college were separate for teachings. (Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights). In fact, the college group wasn’t really a part of the youth group. The only time the middle and high school were together for teachings was on first Wednesdays of every month where we usually had a guest speaker/worship team. The college group had it’s own thing, except sometimes I would join the youth for the worship since our college group didn’t have a “college band.” We haven’t had a youth pastor in about 5 years (parents and other adults from the church have been volunteering), but now with the new youth pastor, things have changed. Don’t get me wrong, the youth pastor is great and is the dad of one of my good friend’s but I just want more. When the college group was separate I felt like I got more out of the teachings. And yes I know I can dig deeper on my own, but if we can dig deeper on our own, why even go if scripture is just being “surfaced”?

Now, during sunday school we break up into age groups/gender after our youth pastor shows a short clip on the lesson and talks for a few minutes (middle school, 9th and 10th grade, 11th, 12th and college, etc.) Sometimes the groups are different because not all the leaders are there. For example, one morning the 11th, 12th and college guys AND girls met instead of guys and girls being separate. The leader who taught us dug deep and I wasn’t surprised because I have been taught under him before. But the woman who usually teaches my age group doesn’t seem to dig deep.

I have a few options.

2 of college girls actually teach the middle school girls and are leaders so they actually don’t go with the other college students.

At first when they started this, I didn’t want to lead because of certain things, but now I feel I might be ready. But this would just be Sunday school, not Wednesday nights.

I could go to a woman’s bible study instead or some other adult study, but I would rather be around students my age.

My other choice would be to change churches, but I’m not sure if I would do that because 1. This is my home church and I would miss SO many people 2. That includes my church’s pastor who’s sermons are almost always very good and 3. I was in the youth band in middle and high school but now I’m helping lead worship on Sunday mornings in Sunday school before the teachings and I don’t just want to “drop that”.

I do have a church in mind though that I would be interested in going to instead. I am going to pray about this and have been thinking about what to do, but I just thought I’d ask here and maybe Olivia will answer here. (Please keep anonymous though)

November 25, 2014 at 22:45
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Update: I talked to one of the leaders somewhat about this and he said I wasn’t the first person to say that I wanted to go deeper.

So instead of let the leaders do their own thing/strictly go by the guide, our youth pastor is going to present a series of questions for us to discuss.

This past sunday in our small groups, we went deeper. 🙂 But if anyone still wants to give any feedback, I would appreciate it.

December 1, 2014 at 15:57


I think that since you really want to go deeper, you could try to make that happen. Start discussions that will lead to that. Since you aren’t the only person, there will be people on board and you could try to make that change, and if that doesn’t work, even start your own discussions after church or at other times to go deeper into what you are studying. If you want to change churches, that’s fine and it’s your decision, but I don’t think that it is necessary or that it will help. If anything, it may make it harder to dig deeper into discussions because you won’t know people as well and it may be more uncomfortable. At my church, my leaders get questions to go through and discuss and it helps us keep on track a lot, but it also sometimes keeps us from digging deeper if the questions are rushed. I think what should happen is that you should talk to the pastor about letting the leaders know that they are not required to fly through the questions and barely touch base on all of the topics. Don’t be demanding but let them know that it would be really helpful 🙂 Good luck

December 29, 2014 at 17:36
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