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Okay so this is probably going to sound very immature but bear with me.
So somethings happened that made me lose a lot of respect for my parents. I don’t want to talk about that though. But it is the cause of this.
I have spent my 14 years of life trying to gain my parents favor. But turn of events and I honest don’t carefully anymore. If their going to stoop so low I am done valuing their opinions. So I want something to change. I am tired of fearing my parents, and trying to get their love. I tried to be and it got me trusting a knife to deal with my emotions and that really is not good so I want to give my self a chance to be different versions of myself.
I have always been the good little white girl cliche. Shy, respectful, willing to take the responsibility of others, ect. But I am tired of being that girl. I want to be different, standing up for what I believe, and not fearing the consequences. I don’t want to go all party girl. I just want to be a little more edgy and different. A _rebel_. *dramatic* *music*
And I want to dress the part. Black and red clothing, leather jacket, the whole thing. I want to be different. I know this sounds immature and like I am just a teenager who needs to chill out and do their homework. But if this makes me happy does it matter that much? I feel normal and unoriginal. And maybe black eyeliner and leather jackets are unoriginal and cliche, but I admire dark colors, and people who pull that clothing off like a boss. And when I am old and grey, all I have to tell is that trying to be mature sucks! I still want to keep all my values. Saving myself till marriage, being a good person to others. But I want to find who I am without having to worry what other people think or what punishment I will get.
I guess this actual turned out to be a rant but just getting this all off my chest helped. But how do I experiment with who I am? I need to find my self, I geuss. How though?

October 6, 2015 at 23:51


Hey Juanita! I just want to ask, what do you place your identity in?
Is it in how you look? What you wear? What your parents think about you?

Many in this world are seeking for their identity, but in all truth our identity comes from God–in His love for us, and the way He views us.
The only One whose favor you should seek is God’s. Your parents may have let you down, but God won’t. The only one whose love we should know and rely on is God’s(1 John 4:16). Don’t fear your parents or anything else because whoever you fear is your master. Trust God alone is my advice to you.
It’s not that trying a new kind on dress style is bad in any way, it’s just that that’s not the foundation for who you are. You are a unique being who has a specific purpose only you were made to fulfill. You aren’t a nobody to God, you are someone part of something great and important. Bear that in mind. There will only ever be one you, no one else will ever be you. Be bold for Christ and stand up for that cause. We are all called to be bold. And whatever we are called to do by God, let’s do boldly.

Pray that God opens your eyes more to who you really are, I’ll pray for you too.

God bless you, sister 🙂

October 7, 2015 at 09:27


^I second that. 😉 Great answer

October 7, 2015 at 13:50
Broken Vessel

Broken Vessel

There’s nothing wrong with changing your style or finding out who you are! I LOVE wearing black and red, (fake) leather jackets, piercings, and I’m getting my first tattoo on my birthday <3 Does this mean I'm not as good as a person anymore? Was I a more ''pure'' Christian when I wore white dresses all the time? Absolutely not, because I'm more authentic now that I've found myself. I'm not wearing a mask anymore.

If you want to experiment and be adventurous, go for it! It's good that you're still honoring your values, so I'll now you'll be safe :)Take a spontaneous road trip one weekend, or get some friends together and get in a circle pit at a rock concert. Dye your hair a random color and decide whether you like it or not later. Get a piercing, if you don't like it you can always take it out.

October 11, 2015 at 18:49
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