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I have had a very hard semester and my faith has been shaken

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I am a sophomore in college and this semester has really stressed me out. I have had the hardest time with my classes, which isn’t me. I have had to deal with a lot of negative events that involve my friends and family as well as try to deal with the outside world. Because so many things have been happening at once I have had anxiety attacks regularly and I have been seriously questioning everything about my faith in God. It feels like I have been abandoned. No matter how much I prayed nothing has changed. Honestly things have been getting worse. My family isn’t very religious and I don’t have any personal friends to talk to about it. I really just need some encouragement, scripture, reassurance, anything to help me. I am honestly considering quitting college and just getting a job somewhere.

April 28, 2015 at 14:59


Hi Holly_Knot! First off let me just say that I understand what you’re going through completely. I’m in my senior year in college and this semester has been really hard, sometimes I found myself with so much going on that I would feel anxious all the time (still working on that). Sometimes I would feel that God was too far from me that I couldn’t reach Him. But I went to my bible and read:
-1 Peter 5:7 “Turn all your worries over to him. He cares about you.”
-Isaiah 43:2 “You will pass through deep waters. But I will be with you.”
-Romans 8:28 ” We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him.”
God spoke to me through these scriptures and I hope He speaks to you as well through these. Don’t quit college, keep going, you’re almost at the finish line. God will be right beside you throughout all of it, He is with you right now! I know it’s hard but pray to Him, tell Him what you’re feeling, let His peace inside of you. He will never leave you alone and believe me, He knows your situation and is working in favor of you.
I hope this helps and you can always write to me and I’ll gladly be here as a friend to answer.
God bless you <3
Here’s a link to a song that spoke to me through difficult times https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfveawSAHJA

April 30, 2015 at 05:36


Sorry, I don’t have any advice to give you, but I wanted to comment and say that I’m in a similar situation in my life and understand how you feel. I’m currently questioning my faith too. So if anyone else has any insights (or if you’ve had any since your last post), I’d love to hear!
Related to your anxiety, has anything been helping you? I haven’t ever had an anxiety attack, but my anxiety has been getting worse. So far, what’s been helping me is listening to calming music, deep breathing, and exercising. Before, I couldn’t stand exercising (especially running) but now I’m almost addicted to it because it helps me release some of my stress and sleep better at night.

May 9, 2015 at 14:55
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