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I Just Feel Confused and Not Sure What To Make of this Whole Situation…

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Hey girls, so a few wks ago, I posted a post called He’s Single And Looking to Pursue A Girl. I might suggest reading that post before you read this one so you have a backstory.

So, I talked with one of his friends about the situation, to ask for advice like “Do you think I should pursue anything?”

So, apparently yesterday the two got together and Kyle (his friend) was asking him about girls. He said, “You and Kelly seem to get along, what about her?”

Side note: He does seem to talk to me more than other girls and there has been some playful banter going on between us.

Apparently his response was “She talks about Disney too much and she uses too many puns.”

Normally, this is a straightforward answer, but just to complicate things, the other day he asked me, “What’s your favorite pun?” I don’t know if this is old-fashioned or anything, but typically when you find something repulsive about someone, you don’t try to embrace it in them….

IDK, maybe he was having an off day yesterday or something, but I just feel super confused and lead-on.

Side note, I’ve been super frustrated lately. Pretty much every single one of my friends have a boy pursuing them and I feel like complete… s**t. Sorry I just had to let that out. In multiple friend groups, I have been the last one standing. I know this upsets me more than it should, but last night I couldn’t sleep for like two hours just since I was so upset and confused.

Any advice? Thank you.

July 6, 2016 at 09:48
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