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I really need some advice and views on what you gilrs think of this

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So I was on my twitter account a few weeks ago, it was round 11/12 p.m. I was scrolling on my timeline and saw someone ret west a person. It was a godly tweet and it caught my action, so the click it and was on the person’s Twitter timeline, and there was this guy. I look at his profile pic and went about reading his tweets. He seems like a really amazing Christian guy . I made a joke to myself and said that he could be my future husband. But then when I taught about, I hmm, possible. I didn’t want to become idol of the thought of him possible being it, so I prayed and I ask God if it is him. Let things signs happen. I prayed for three signs that night:
1. To let my friend come in the top five( because she was in an agriculture science competition)
2. Let him, the guy tweet something within that week about wanting for God to give you the right one.
3. When I go to church on Sunday the pastor, his wife or one of his children were the colour blue or purple.
I wait patiently and a day or two later, I asked my friend what place they had came in the competition and she told me, that they came 4th. That night I went on twitter I saw nothing. The next day I was on twitter around 7p.m and still hadn’t see anything, but I decided to go back on twitter to read some and saw that he had tweeted, saying wait for God to give you the right one. Then I went to church on Sunday and saw the that pastor eldest daughter including him were wearing blue, and they’ve been wearing blue for the past three Sundays, now since. I believe that he could possible be the one, but I don’t know, even though I’m only fifteen I,be find myself not thinking or even looking at any guy any other way, and when guys would talk to me, I’d just talk to them on a friendship level nothing more. What do you all think)

May 25, 2015 at 09:55


That’s pretty awesome! God can work through some crazy stuff, and He will work with you as far as signs go. Keep praying and asking Him. Just outright ask Him yes or no, and listen. If He says yes ask Him to confirm it through other people. He will work with you on it. When I found “The one” (for lack of better terms) I prayed for a week straight, asking God “are you serious” and he would always answer with a yes. I asked Him to confirm it through others. That weekend two people talked about how God has lead certain couples to each other. Later on I got a word from the Lord from someone else, and he actually told me to talk to the guy “You two should connect, have fun with your time with him”
He didn’t know i liked him…
I have had much MUCH more happen since then (I’m even writing a book o.o) but you get the point.
God will work with you on it, and He wont relent, and He doesn’t mind telling you over and over again “yes” because He is patient and loving towards you <3
hope this helps!

June 7, 2015 at 00:13


Get in the bible, and evaluate! Compare biblical scripture between the two of you! No matter what, the bible is His word. I don’t believe in coincidence, and that is pretty incredible! I am praying for you, and I hope this turns out well!!!

June 10, 2015 at 19:42
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