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I think I found my new youth group!!!!!

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Last week, I went to a week-long camp with another Christian group-younglife. It was great! I actually felt more loved and appreciated than I did at retreats with the youth group I grew up in the last four years. The people in the one I grew up in would tell me they loved me but I actually didn’t feel it. A lot of the girls would go off in groups of two or three…some of those friendships seem like far away dreams now. I wonder if they would even care if I join another group. Luckily, I made new ones this week! They’re all younger than me but that’s ok. I just graduated high school, but I’m going to be a super senior. They were all so nice!!!!! And they made me feel so special!!!!! There’s one person in particular tho…all week I thought a guy was flirting with me: on the bus, he always put his feet next to mine, and even brushed against them a couple times..once even on top of my shoe. He also stared at me a lot, or looked at me, we made a lot of eye contact sometimes, if that’s anything…he turned red, always really close by me…Why did I interpret all this as flirting? and was I wrong to think it was? On the bus home, I found out he had a gf 🙁 Was I just reading too much into things and if I was, how so? I feel really stupid now, so what can I do better for next time? I’m tired of thinking guys like me when they don’t. I want to ask my new friend to hang out, but I’m not sure. Could I say he could bring his girlfriend too? My mom said maybe he saw me as a friend and that’s a compliment too. The odd thing is, we didn’t even talk that much. When he was talking and laughing with his friends, he laughed and included me. I was really quiet on the bus and didn’t really talk to anyone. We didn’t even talk until the last day..I was nervous, then I got brave and it wasn’t hard at all! I just walked up to him like he was my sister or brother. So if we didn’t talk that much, why would he notice me? I mean, I love that he did! I felt important! Some of the other kids were really nice too! They started conversations with me, asked questions, and in cabin time, the girls really wanted to get to know me. Why would anyone want to get to know me? No one in the other group did. Other girls are more outgoing and have better things to say and personalities, plus it seems you have to be outgoing to get a boyfriend 🙁 Please help and sorry for all the questions

June 24, 2015 at 09:45
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