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I wrote a spoken word poem.

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Yeah I geuss the title says what this is about. I had the idea the other day to write one. I don’t have any one to perform it for and I’m to shy anyway. But I wrote it down because it’s been weighing in my chest. And I think it turned out pretty well. I was wondering if y’all would read it for me? I will post it in the comments below in case anyone wants to.

July 4, 2016 at 01:21



I remember when I was 11 years old.
‘You’ll grow’ said the Ross attendant who had seen my sister’s height, then saw me. I was 11 years old and 5’4. 5’6 in the boots I had, the ones with the heel. The boots I had and wore everywhere so I didn’t feel so short.
Maybe if I grew a little more, I wouldn’t be such a let down. When they look from her to me. When they see that I’m not tall or that I’m not beautiful. That I’m not special. Nothing defines me as far at the eye can see. I wanted something that people noticed. That they defined me by. That they would stop and ask me about it.
Looking back now, I have so many questions.
Like, why would you tell am eleven year old that she isn’t good enough because she isn’t like someone else? Why would you spread so much venom to a child? Why do you care about my height? Why when you will only ever have one conversation with me do you use it to spread hurtful words to me?
But mostly, why didn’t my mother ever tell one, just one, of those women or men that I didn’t need to grow, because I was perfect the way I was? Why did no one ever stand up for me? Why did no one ever see anything wrong with telling a little girl that she needed to change to be a certain way to be good enough?
I’m now 15, and yeah, I grew. By now you think they would have stopped berating my self confidence by tell me what I am isn’t enough. I did what was expected and grew. But they still think I need to grow more.
But now, I don’t wish for someone to stand up and be my hero. Now, I know i am perfect. I am tall end, thin enough, curvy enought, smart enough, fast enough, good enough. I am enough. So next time someone says we need to change, let’s stop being victims, let’s stand our ground, and ask them why. Why do I need to change my self? They’ll stop. They will think. You hold them accountable for their words! Put your foot down. Let them know that it’s not okay to tear you or anyone else down.
Next time they try to grate at the confidence of a child, maybe they will think about the time the where publicly humiliated by their own words by someone who stood up to their bullying. Maybe you can help the 11 year old girl who is so used to being told to change. Maybe they will think and tell her that she doesn’t need to grow. Or lose weight. Or gain weight.
Maybe they will remember being a child, told who and what to be. And maybe they will be they first person to tell a little girl that she is enough, all because you where brave enough to ask why.

July 4, 2016 at 01:23
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