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In a room full of thousands, yet im still alone

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After having major surgery on my back, i was diagnosed with anxiety and later on… depression. These are a few of the secrets i hide so well no one notices. It\’s \”easy\” to smile at school or when i\’m in the eye of the public. But being alone is the best and the worst. When me and my last boy friend broke up i feel like my whole life fell apart. It wasn\’t just him, we were friends for 4 years and now we don\’t even talk. It is terrible. I lost my best friend, to me thats more upsetting than the relationship ending itself. After this i became ill, i have something wrong with my throat, my throat narrows in the middle and causes food to get stuck and if not fixed could rip a hole in my throat. My cousin found out her baby is going to die and my girl best friend moved away. I don\’t need any sympathy , i just want to know that God does love me and possible ways to handle depression and anxiety.

March 16, 2015 at 22:08


For me, making a friendship helped. After making the clearcut decision that I wanted to get better, I picked colors that represented all of my emotions. Red for my anger, blue for my tears, brown for my pain, yellow for my disgust, white for my depression, and black for my hatred. Every knot put into that bracelet represented a piece of my burnt armor falling off and being replaced with God’s armor. After I was finished, I felt as if a weight had been lifted off of me. From that night on, whenever I felt the beginnings of the hopelessness, I would look at that bracelet. After several months (In which I also saw the church psychologist), I was randomly asked to help with our childrens’ church. While I was in there, this little girl kept telling me how beautify she thought my bracelet was. The third time she told me, I asked her if she would like it. Her entire face lit up, but was a bit unsure. After reassuring her that I would be happy to give it to her, she took it and had such a happy glow on her face and continued to thank me profusely the rest of the class. After I went home and had some time to think of it, I had my God “ah-ha!” moment. All of those pain-filled tears and months of self-hatred and abuse led up to making the day of seven year old girl who would never know how she has freed me. I hope that this can be an inspiration to you. Feel free to email me at mojo211@bellsouth.net. May your heart be filled with God’s never-ending peace and strength.

March 28, 2015 at 22:37


I haven’t had anything quite as serious, but I have scoliosis, dyslexia and several allergies and other health issues. For a long time I just felt broken, “what’s wrong with me?”, “why am I so messed up?” etc. It didn’t help that pretty much all of my friends either switched schools or moved away at the same time. I would have happy days, but way more sad depressed days and what was worst of all is that no one ever noticed and I am constantly noticing others pain and trying to help. I eventually made new friends but I still felt hopeless for a long time, until I started really pursuing my relationship with God going to church as much as possible, I’m Catholic so I’ve been going to the perpetual adoration chapel almost ever day and that is what has made the real difference in my life. Because instead of looking at my pain and brokenness for self worth I started finding my worth in the fact that God loves me (cheesy I know) no matter what, so much that he died for me and gives himself to me every week in the gift of the Eucharist. I hope that helps and you’re in my prayers. God bless!

April 13, 2015 at 10:10
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