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So hi.
I do martial arts and there is this little nine year old girl in one of my classes. She is the picture of innocence and is so niave and cute. Today I was wearing these bright orange socks they where knee high. She told her mom that she wanted knee high socks and it made me smile. And I started thinking about how girls get to be so self conscious with low confidence. So I am wondering if I can maybe be an influence on her because I don\’t want her to feel that way. She\’s incredibly beautiful for her age. Most young girls are cute but she is absolutely stunning. And I\’ve gone out of my way to complement her. But how do I enfluence her for the possitive. She also had three brothers and I get the feeling that they aren\’t quite the best and don\’t treat her that great. I\’ve seen her older brother cat call her before which made me very upset and it really Imbarressed her but she didn\’t really speak out.
I want to be a positive influence but I\’ve never been like an older sister to a girl. I don\’t have experience in that.. How do I do that?

October 14, 2015 at 13:35


In my experience, the most important thing is just to be there and be available for a younger girl and take an interest in their life even if it sometimes feels a little silly to you (like having a conversation about my little ponies or books you read like ten years ago) because those seemingly small or immature things can be a really big deal at that age (I try to remember how I was when I was younger). 🙂

October 15, 2015 at 19:44
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^ what Marcy said is so true. Also, try to find ways to complement her that aren’t necessarily about her looks. When she works really hard to master that strike or form and finally gets it, encourage her. And stand up for her. If her brothers treat her in the way you suspect that can have a really bad effect on a little girls self-esteem. If anyone treats her in a way that you can tell bothers her, or if it just isn’t respectful of her speak up. You don’t have to make a big deal of it but something like “hey, that was rude. don’t say that again.” will go a long way in communicating to her that she can choose how she wants to be treated and isn’t subject to other’s whims about how they treat her.

October 16, 2015 at 16:41
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