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Is he leading me on?

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Was he leading me on?

Or is just confused about what he wants?

Hey girls! I’m new here, but have observed this site for quite awhile.

So my crush (who I have liked for a few months now) recently started showing signs that he liked me back. We have known each other for about three years now and attend the same church. We’re pretty good friends and talk often. He is not a shy guy at all and its very talkative. There are quite a few different things that happened, all in the span of two weeks. I’ll briefly list them so you can get an idea of his actions.

-he started texting and talking to me a lot more

-he began to stare at me a lot, both when I was looking and when I wasn’t. Across the room and whenever I would move, he would turn and look.

-he’s started touching me a lot more; he’s bump into me “accidentally”, allow our hands to brush (and visibly react when they did), stand very close to me (close enough that if I were to turn sidways, my nose would touch his shoulder), and allow our shoulders/legs/arms to stay in place touching each other. He would also put his face very close to mine, multiple times.

-during a friend’s party, where we played a game that involved holding hands, he would make sure to stand where he was able to hold my hand, everytime. He would also visibly react and almost gasp when I would get closer to him (the game involved a lot of physical contact)

– he gave me his jacket. We were going to go outside while at his house and I hadn’t even complained of being cold. He just brought it to me.

So there are definitely a lot of signs that he likes me. Or at least I thought he did. All this changed about three days ago. We only really see each other on weekends (though we have usually texted almost everyday throughout the week) and I expected him to act the same way this past Friday (my friend group usually has a hang-out at this guys house every Friday, sees each other again at yg the next day and then again at church the next). He did in some ways, but he also ignored me in others:

-he started the night with talking to me/giving me a lot of attention, but he then started to ignore me and focus on his other friends.

-he seemed disinterested and wouldn’t talk to me as much

-he would barely look at me and in situations where he would’ve talked to me normally, he ran off to his other friends

-though, this past Sunday morning, we sat next to each other during the service and our hands brushed and our arms touched more than just by accident. But when I went to his house later in the day, he basically ignored me. Out of all the people in the friend group, he’s the one I know the best, and this made it harder to interact with other people.

I’m sorry for the crazy length of this post, but what I’m getting at is that be gave me a bunch of attention for two weeks then stopped. I don’t understand it. What do you girls think?

January 31, 2016 at 20:39
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First question. I know that he goes to church and youth but is he a Christian? I have many many friends that go to church and youth and do all the right things and say the right stuff while at church but the minute they step off church ground, cuss words fly. And when I say cuss words I mean All of them. Which leads me to my conclusion… Point two 👇

He’s probably a player. I had something similar happen to me a little more than a year ago. He gave me all the attention of the world, then stopped. I knew he was a player. He himself had told me he dated three girls in one week. I ignored it and let him give me attentkkn and I soaked it up. Anyways Im not here to tell you my story but yeah, he’s probably a player.

If your positive he’s not a player then maybe…this might hurt…but he lost interest. Idk that still doesn’t sound to right.

My best conclusion is player. And my advice is to not chase him. If he doesn’t TeX you then don’t text him. If he doesn’t start the conversation then dont talk to him. My mom always tells me “the woman was made to be chased, not to chase.”

I hope this helps! Good luck and I’m here if you wanna talk it out lol

February 1, 2016 at 15:40


Oh sorry, I should have clarified that. Yes, he is a Christian and a strong one at that. We have spent a lot of time together outside of church events, and I have rarely heard him use language/or seen him do anything worse. We have had some great theological conversations as well.

He has never had a girlfriend, I believe, but some of his actions could be seen as “player-like”. He is a very outgoing person and does talk to a lot of girls, but I always viewed it as friendly. I could be viewing it in the wrong way though.
I think you’re right, I should just step back. And observe. Only time will really tell, I guess.

Thanks for the advice 🙂

February 1, 2016 at 17:45
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