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Is she a friend God wants me to have?

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I’m really good friends with this girl named Morgan at my school. Well, I’m not sure if we are sometimes… I’ve known her since I was a sophomore and she was a freshman. We were in a club together for years, but didn’t start hanging out and getting close last summer-the summer after I graduated. I’m frustrated we didn’t start hanging out or going to her house sooner. But anyway, we had some really great times together earlier this year! Not like romantically, but she made me feel so loved in a way in a way that no other friend quite has before. Lately, I’ve been noticing she hangs out with other friends more than me and she’s always on snapchat but takes a really long time to respond to them. She responded quicker to my texts this summer. I also have a crush on her brother, and she knows about it but is fine with it. He showed some signs this summer and earlier this year. He would stare at me when I went over and his eyes always shined or lit up. Once she said It didn’t bother her. Whatever happens, I would love to hang out with both her and him. Whenever I ask or say “He can come too”, she ignores it. Everyone says I’m the sweetest person and awesome for always wanting to include more people, so I don’t mean it in a bad way where I would use her. She also said he’s a little young for me. I don’t care anymore if he likes me or not, but it hurts she doesn’t seem to care about it and that felt a little judgmental. I’m sorry but I like younger guys and people in general. They seem more accepting and loving towards me. Younger people also seem to want to be my friend more. I’m not writing this to complain…I love my friend. I’m just not sure what to do anymore. She also doesn’t come over. She says she can one day but she never does. We always end up going to her house. And do you think she told her brother about my crush? I used to not want to see him at school anymore and take other hallways because it hurt too much to see him with his girlfriend. I’m slowly getting over it since I kind of like his girlfriend. My feelings probably don’t matter or aren’t as important. I don’t even know if he cares about me. I’m just starting to feel like another friend or person might care more. He always says ‘Hi’ to me though. But sometimes, I have trouble with conversations with him. He doesn’t always ask the question back, so it’s hard. Does he really not care? Earlier this semester, when he saw me, he would also smile really big and his face would get a little red. I felt so special when I saw that. It was kind of like how you would smile at a good friend or special one. Sometimes we also walk really close together, both of us I think. I bump into him-that might be my fault by how I walk, but he doesn’t move away. The main issue tho is Morgan a friend God wanted me to have? I’m not sure anymore. Thanks for your help! I appreciate it!

April 30, 2016 at 12:31
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