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Job interview advice + prayers! :)

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Hey guys!

So for the past two years I’ve worked at a Chick Film A and recently decided it wasn’t for me anymore. I put in my two weeks and my last day is this Saturday.

I’m starting my sophomore year of college and thought about taking a semester off from working altogether. Then last week, I got a newsletter from my favorite tea shop, which is basically one of my favorite spots of all time. They’re a small shop and pretty closely owned, so I assumed it was hard to get a job there, but I saw in their newsletter that they’re hiring three new people. Needless to say, I was psyched. I took my resume down there and filled out the application. They’re accepting applications until August 1st so they said they’d call me for an interview after that.

Getting this job is really important to me, so if you guys could pray for me, I would be so grateful! Does anyone have any good advice for interviews? II’m nervous, especially since I don’t know how many people they’ll be interviewing and I would like to stand out. Thank you guys so much!

July 28, 2016 at 16:42


Never been to a job interview so I don’t have any advice but I’ll pray for you! 🙂

July 28, 2016 at 17:20


Oh I’ll definitely pray for you!

I recently quit a job and asked my manager for what she looks for when hiring new people, this is what she told me: (I worked retail)

1. Dress nicely. If you show up in ragged jeans or dirty clothes you won’t be hired (her words)
2.Be on time!
3.Be generally friendly and outgoing (this is a customer service job after all)

So mostly common sense. Also, I recommend googling “common interview questions” and going over them before you have your interview so you won’t be too surprised by what’s asked.

Definitely mention your experience at Chic Fil A and how it well the skills you learned there will transfer into working in a coffee shop (after all they’re both food and customer service)

Also, don’t be upset if you think you’re coming off as nervous in the interview. It’s normal.

Oh yes, and come up with a specific reason of why you left Chic Fil A, because they will probably ask.

July 28, 2016 at 18:30


Hi! I will definitely say a prayer. I know what its like trying to get what is a dream job, at least for now.
As far as what AdventureGirl said, I mostly agree. Except I would say for “On time” be, arrive 10 or so minutes early. It shows you have dedication, and time management skills.

When I was nervous (and with the job I have now when I interviewed I was EXTREMELY nervous) I pretend I am someone who inspires me who has a lot of confidence, and I have noticed that does the trick. All the answers are mine, but I temporarily have this added confidence that is not normally there.

Also I would say read up on the company, what they stand for, their selling methods, really anything you can find. They will be impressed if you know about them already, and you can sneak it in if they ask “Why do you want this job”
Have a good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses. Some jobs will ask what your greatest weakness is and it isn’t to get you out of the selection pool, but rather to see what you recognize what you need to work on. For me it was my computer skills, which later my boss told me she didn’t understand because I seemed to be great at it (I guess fake it til you make it really does work).
Try to be mindful about using filler words such as “like and Umm” as they are distracting and tend to show less competency (even though it isn’t necessarily true, that is the general conception made) Dress nice, but for the job. A full pant suit would look very out of place, but a blouse and skirt wouldn’t. Or a nice dress.

Incorporating that you are a current customer into the conversation (naturally) would also probably be a plus to them, because they know you are more familiar with their products.

A few other little things I learned from my parents:
1. Say hi, smile, make small chat for a minute with the receptionist. This can actually get you the job or not (I found out later its what tipped my boss over to choose me over the other person).
2. Never say anything about a paycheck and needing money (I dont know why this should even have to be said, but a lot of people do)
3. Know what are appropriate and inappropriate questions for them to ask, dont answer any that follow under the inappropriate category.
4. Follow up with a thank you note or email the next day.
5. Make sure you are actually showing interest you want the job.
6. While this is a job interview, make sure you are warm and friendly. I think this goes even more so with a sales job. You need to show you are a charismatic person that will attract customers.
7. At the end, if they ask you if you have any questions, make sure you have one or two. I guess it shows more interest, and can help make the decision of accepting the job or not if its offered later. Each question would be different depending on where you work, so I can’t help you with actual questions.

And in the end, just trust God through it all. He will put you in the right spot. .

July 28, 2016 at 21:12
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