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Without going into crazy detail, as I don’t wish to write a book… My “ex” and I are receiving clashing prayers, and it is not just between the two of us. His family and pastor have all gotten the same thing, while I and mine get another. It is over our break up and whether or not each other are our “ones”… we both want it to be each other, and from what I hear, pray, read, and subtle things others have told me God put on their hearts, it leads to each other- but his is the opposite. I have tried to accept that maybe I am wrong, but when I try to move on and do other things, it is like a brick wall hits…like it is the wrong move to go out on a simple dinner with a guy even if my ex isn’t on my mind at all!
I don’t know what to think, I don’t know what to do! I have faith in the Lord that He has a reason for all of this, but I am also feeling wavered by all of this- is there something wrong with my relationship with Christ? Where am I heading? Why am I getting different answers? We tried to justify it, and what seemed to fit, we prayed over, prayed for understanding, but we don’t know! We just don’t know.
Please, please, pray for us, and pray for my relationship with Christ. I do not wish to doubt any of this or the plans He has for me, I also don’t want to doubt what I am receiving from Him on this subject- it is just hard not to when all of this seems to go against me, and what is against me is from Him!!! Help, please, help.

June 8, 2015 at 22:07
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