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Hey everyone:) Recently, I have been having trouble with keeping reconnected with God. Recently, I really want to have that close relationship with God and after every Sunday, I decide to myself that I am going to get closer to God. For the first few days, I start very strong but as I get through the week, I start neglecting reading his word and not to spend time with him:( It gets so fustrating! I also find that I don’t really think much about God when I am at university or connect very much with God in prayer. Also, can i have some advice on how to progress through the bible? I tend to always g o over the things that i have read and not to progress through the old Testament and through the New Testament. Can you please give some advice what I should do and could you pray for me to get closer to God/ reading through the Bible? Also, what does it mean to focus on eternal things above, not on earthly things???

Also, recently I have been having a bit of trouble at the moment. The work at university is enormous and I have many assingments due next week and i have 10,000 words to finish and write up for a music teaching/ development of the piano essay to write soon outside university and I am sick at the moment/ plus I want time to pray/spend time with God. Could you pray for me to get through the next two weeks?

Thank you.

August 8, 2015 at 23:14
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