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So I just finished reading the PI article on bikinis and I’m having a major issue with the comments on the post. They’re nothing short of ignorant. Sooo I’m going to pick apart a few of those comments.

Comment #1: “Ok, so honestly my opinion in this: how would you honestly feel if a guy was to see you in just your bra and underwear? Is he a pervert for looking at you in your underclothes? Then why do you feel comfortable in a bikini?

See with a bikini, I feel one reason why they are immodest are because they seem to be low cut, they just outline the bottom half, and they show a lot of your middle. Actually, all of your middle.
And with the whole guy thing, all guys lust. Whether they show it or not. But it gets worse when they see women in skimpy clothing. Whether skin tight, or just not a lot is covered. So why can’t we girls help them out a little a not show so much of ourselves, so we are not feeding into their imaginations? This is just my opinion on it all. Thanks for reading though.”

My response: My bikini covers more than my underwear FYI and it holds everything in place better also. I feel comfortable in my bikini because I’m proud of my body and am confident with it. Why is it my problem that guys lust? Guess what, they are capable of self control just like we are, they aren’t dogs. Guess what else? I have a nice body and guys are going to look at me no matter what I wear because of that fact.

Comment #2 (a reply to the above comment): “Girl, I agree with you 100%! There’s no way around it: a binkini is worse than your undergarments. I wouldn’t wear one if you paid me. a) I want to dress with dignity. I want to look like a beautiful Christian girl, not a prostitute b) I would never want to cause a guy to sin. I don’t think guys are corrupt because they have a tendency to lust. I just know that lusting can happen, and i would never want to contribute to that. c) Wear a swimsuit you can have fun in! You can dive in, play games, and feel confident that you won’t become “exposed” (as if you aren’t already exposed enough) in. There’s so many cute suits out there, just takes some looking!”

My response: Again my bikini covers more than my underwear and it supports better than my underwear do too, thanks for your concern. Excuse me but I don’t look like a prostitute because I wear a bikini, I look like every other girl on a beach who wants to be comfortable and is comfortable in her own skin. Give me a freaking break, it’s not my problem that guys lust, why can’t we get that through our heads?! Also, I have more fun in my bikini than in a tankini. I’ve worn both and tanikinis are a pain in the butt because they’re constantly riding up your back and you’re constantly pulling them down. I don’t worry about being “exposed” in my bikini because of the way it’s made.

Comment #3 (in response to a comment that said she was considering getting a bikini): “The first thing I would say is pray about It. I think it’s really cool that you’ve never worn a bikini before, and I think you should do your best to stick with that. I wish I had that clean slate! Now I never wear a bikini, and I wouldn’t change that. I think it’s special to be a girl that doesn’t show off her body, considering how few the numbers are that wear one pieces or tankinis. But if you do decide to wear a bikini, I would suggest getting board shorts and something that shows zero cleavage/chest. There certainly are some more modest ones, so keep your eyes out for those!”

My response: Uh, seriously? It’s not like it’s your virginity for Pete’s sake. Following her logic, I, along with anyone else who wears or has worn a bikini, are less “special” because of our choice in swimwear. Board shorts are basically guys basketball shorts, there’s no way I’d swim in those. I wear a bikini because a) I can take it off easily when using the restroom and b) it’s so much more comfortable because there isn’t so much fabric stuck to your skin. Board shorts would be absolutely miserable.

Comment #3: “I personally think that it is NOT right to wear a bikini. If you were positive that the setting you were going to be in didn’t include boys, then fine. But if any boys or men are going to be around to see you, I think it’s very wrong to flaunt your body in front of them like that. If a guy walked in on you when you were getting dressed and you were only in a bra and underwear, you would probably start freaking out and yelling at them to get out. Yet to wear a bikini in front of them is to do that exact same thing!

Saying that it’s the boy’s fault that he’s lusting after you is completely wrong as well. Wearing a bikini, or any immodest swimsuit for that matter (tankinis and one-pieces can be immodest too) makes men stumble – they focus on what your body looks like and not what kind of person you are on the inside. What’s the reason behind wearing one in the first place? In my opinion, whether girls acknowledge it or not, they choose to wear one because it makes them look sexy. Would you be comfortable wearing a bikini in front of Jesus? I highly doubt it.

Also, I would like to point out, when bikinis were first invented, they had to hire strippers to model them because they were considered so scandalous. Now just because it’s been accepted by so many people it makes everyone else think that it’s fine and they’re comfy and cute so why not. Please, girls, respect your bodies and respect the men around you by shining a light in the world and refraining from wearing any swimsuit that shows more than it should. If we are wearing skimpy swimsuits out in public, how are we any different than the rest of the world?”

My response: I have two brothers who usually have at least one friend over. Following your logic, I would never be able to wear a bikini.

I don’t wear a bikini to flaunt my body, I do it because it’s what’s comfortable for me. Guess what, my bikini covers more than my underwear does!

It is a boy’s fault for lusting, I cannot control his actions and he cannot control mine, therefore, he is responsible for his actions. I don’t wear a bikini to be sexy, I wear one because it’s comfortable. And to answer your question, I would because Jesus MADE ME AND MY BODY and I think my body is a pretty amazing piece of handiwork.

Do you know why they had to hire strippers? Because women were taught that their bodies were these scandalous things that had to be hidden for the sake of the greater good. This isn’t the 1800’s anymore, our bodies are not something to be hidden. I respect my body and the people around me, thank you very much.

Comment #4: I used to wear bikinis, but now I don’t. They are pretty much underwear and don’t leave much to the imagination. If you think about it, guys are always modest, covered from their neck to their knees typically (other than when they take their shirts off, which I don’t think is very modest.) Imagine a guy wearing a bikini. Seems ridiculous, right? There’s barely any coverage. We think that guys just need to stay pure minded, which is true. But is it really fair to wear two skimpy triangles and practically undies and expect them to not look at our bodies? The least we can do as God’s precious daughters is honor our bodies and wear tankinis or one pieces. Remember, girls, we were bought with a price; we should honor God and respect the body He gave us.

My response: Oh dear Jesus grant me self control *takes a deep breath*. Darling you obviously have never been to a lake. Guys don’t wear shirts when they’re at the beach and it’s perfectly fine!!! A guy’s anatomy is completely different than a girl’s, therefore, your argument is invalid. I’m a little sick of people telling me I don’t honor God because of my choice in swimwear.

Comment #5: Okay, I do not wear bikini’s because I believe that they totally show to much skin and they are so close to bra’s and Underwear. My question to you guys is would you go outside in your bra and underwear? Would you be embarrassed?

My response: *takes another deep breath* Totally sick of this argument. Of course I wouldn’t wear my underwear out to the store and I wouldn’t wear my bikini either because it isn’t appropriate for the setting.
In case you have never been to a lake, most people hang out in their swimsuits all weekend and most of the females (even the older ones, my aunt wears a bikini and she’s 50!) wear bikinis because that’s what’s comfortable and cute.

These were only five from the first two pages of comments, I’m sure I could go on and on about this topic, but I won’t. I want to hear from YOU guys, my sisters in Christ. I for one am sick of the idea that my body is something I should be ashamed of and covered up because guys have no self control (sarcasm) .

For the ladies that agree with me: what’s the most annoying argument that grinds your gears when it comes to bikinis?

For the ladies who disagree with me: is there anything I missed?

Counter arguments are welcome and appreciated 🙂

May 22, 2015 at 18:18
f u

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This was wonderfully written and thought out and I fully agree with you. I wear bikini’s and they are my preferred suit. (I only wear a one piece at my lifeguard/swim teacher job, for obvious reasons)
My bikini’s cover more than my bra/underwear as well. I am not gonna wear something that barely covers my breasts/butt.
I do theater and so I change in front of guys and girls in shared dressing rooms all the time. and the girls there always switch it around saying you’re comfortable in a bikini at the beach so you can be comfortable changing here. And then we laugh.
I love my body. I have only recently become comfortable with my body. I have been lifting and so my thighs are big and I always thought that was because I was fat but now my muscular thighs, my upper arms, my stomach, my shoulders and back, my butt etc I LOVE them, they just show my progress and I like to show off my muscles. I am so happy now that I am comfortable in my body. I can now say that I wouldn’t change anything about my body with confidence. and I am gonna wear a bikini. And I’m gonna love it.
Thank you for bringing this up. Too many girls on here are telling other people with questions about modesty that bikini’s are bad and if you think that fine,great even, I’m not gonna be mad at you or say anything rude or diss you but other people may start to feel bad about loving their bodies and wearing bikinis.

May 23, 2015 at 15:11


MAYBE we should stop teaching girls that their bodys are so much more important than their personality’s. If we stopped treating bodys like they where the only thing important, we would be able to stop worrying about bikinis and one pieces. You are so much more than what your swimsuit does and does not show. If you want a bikini go for it! If you want a one piece then you do it! Its just a swim suit. I see no reason to tear people down because of their clothing! Maybe, stop looking for their body.
Maybe if we as females started saying that No matter what you wear your beautiful then it would stop mattering. We say that if you wear modest clothes your beautiful, but wear low cut clothes and short shorts.. You get slut shamed, told to respect your self, that you don’t need to dress scantily to get attention. But honestly, maybe they just like it! Maybe they aren’t dressing for anyone else.
And guys lust. Yes. But girls aren’t immune from that! Why don’t we bring up shirtless guys? Or is it just a double standard? I have seen a guy and thought ” Wow what a hottie!”. It is human nature for both genders not just boys. But is it the guys fault for not wearing a shirt? No. I control my thoughts and actions. So do they.

May 23, 2015 at 17:24


Thank you both!

I’m really sick of girls being told that their bodies are distractions and something they should be ashamed of. Not going to lie, but it does bug me when girls do walk around, let’s say WalMart, with their buttcheeks hanging out of their shorts. There is a time and a place to wear short shorts and low cut tank tops, however, I think many many people do not understand that. I think we should be teaching that over your body is something to be ashamed of and you should dress like a nun.

@Juanita11 I’m sick of the lusting thing too! Ugh. I find it offensive to guys not girls, honestly. They have just as much self control as we do!

Thanks for the feedback :*

May 23, 2015 at 18:48
Project Inspired


Amen sister!!!!!!!!!
I have another argument for wearing bikinis.
I am 6 foot 3 inches tall, with my tall frame, I can’t most one piece swim wear, it’s not long enough.

May 25, 2015 at 09:56
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