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long story, please bare with me. There is a reason this is in relationships!

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Okay so just over a month ago, I broke up with my boyfriend that I had been dating for 7 months. I knew God was saying it was time to move on because I lost a lot of sleep and I only lose sleep when God is trying to say something to me. So I broke up with that guy. I had scheduled a Saturday class for the first half of the semester at my school and that class dropped. I am a Boy Scout leader for my brother’s troop and also a cooking merit badge councilor. So about 2 weeks after I dumped my ex, I got asked if I would be willing to teach cooking merit badge at a merit badge day, I said yes because I was free on Saturdays now that my class was canceled but didn’t hear back from anyone for about 2 more weeks. So when I finally hear from someone, they had found another councilor but asked me to help teach the class. I agreed to that. So I get to the merit badge day and I am they young person on the 3 person teaching team. In Boy Scouts, if you are the youngest, you are the one that gets sent on errands. So I had seen one of the men I work for (and still like) during the summer earlier in the day and he had a spot at a table where he could answer questions. I was sent to bring back the extra brownie mix to the supply table. When I was doing that, I felt like God was telling me to go talk to my boss so I went to the table where he was supposed to be but he wasn’t there. In his place was a young man that I had never met before. So I teased him about not being my boss, introduced myself (his name is Kenan) and started to connect dots. He is going to be the new Aquatics Director at the camp I work at, he is really good friends with a dear friend of mine and played baseball with another. So we talked for a little bit and I had to get back to my class.. When I got home, I had a message waiting for me from my friend. I guess Kenan had talked to our friend and mentioned that we had talked. I then became friends with Kenan on facebook and we have been talking pretty much nonstop. We are both the same denomination, love Jesus, and he meets every criteria on my “checklist” of what I want in a man. I say all of this to say that if none of the things that I didn’t want to happen hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t have been able to meet Kenan and start to get to know him like I have been. I can see this going somewhere and I think that his is a man that I want to spend a lot more time with in the future. I am visiting his church this Saturday because I have been looking for a church that has Saturday services to supplement my fellowship since I have to be at my church on Sunday mornings because I teach preschool Sunday school. I can’t wait to visit Kenan’s church. I am really looking forward to getting to know Kenan and letting him get to know me. If you want to see a picture, visit my blog! –Cayenne


February 10, 2016 at 11:41
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