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Losing Faith? Or just Tired?

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Hi girls,
I need help on my situation. Lately I have been really down and feeling hopeless. I have suffered with Depression and Anxiety in the past, and I feel like I am hitting rock bottom again. Last year was a rough year for me because so many things happened, and it broke me down piece by piece till I began to feel numb. It is like I feel sad, but I feel numb at the same time. I am a girl who is normally a daily bible reader and constant prayer, but I have not been wanting to do so. I just feel like I am tired of waiting for something to happen again. I am tired of feeling like I am behind the curtain watching everyone prosper, and I am still stuck in these chains that wont go away. I believe God is true to His Word, but for some reason, I just can seem to get out of this feeling. My prayers don’t even feel as meaningful. When I do read my Bible, I can’t seem to get through a whole chapter anymore when that’s all I ever wanted to do. I feel so heartbroken and confused. I just want to feel God like I used to. I want to be full of joy like I used to. I want to smile like I used to. I want to pray like I used to. I want my faith back. My hope. All I ever want to do is sleep and stay in. I go to class and act like everything is okay, but I just feel like a mess. I feel exhausted. It’s like my fight is gone… I just need some prayers please. And if you have any advice, please help. Thank you. 🙁

February 6, 2016 at 21:20


Hi there jay_maeee7! You wrote this a while ago, so I hope that you see this!
First, I want to say, boy do I completely understand what you are going through! I felt almost as if I was reading my own thoughts. So please know that you are not alone in feeling this way!
Second, my advice is this:
1. Keep praying and reading God’s word. I know when you feel this way (tired and kind of as if there is nothing to hope for) the hardest thing to do is to stay close to Him. But it’s so important for your healing! Pray for God’s comfort to completely overwhelm you and for you to feel His love. He will not forsake you, I can assure you!
2. Surround yourself with other believers who can lift you up in prayer and companionship. Having people to talk to and pray with about your situation is so helpful. Sometimes, just talking about how you feel with someone can set you on the path to feeling better! So if you don’t already have those Godly friendships, find them. That could be through a Christian organization on your campus or through a youth group. Or it could be your family or your pastor. Whoever those people are for you, seek them out and share how you are feeling with them. I’m sure they would love to pray with and for you!
3. Don’t give up! I know that it may feel like God has forgotten about you, but I promise you He hasn’t! He loves you SO much, I can’t even begin to put it into words. Sometimes when I’m feeling particularly low, I like to just sit and think about that- about how much He actually loves each and every one of us. We can never truly comprehend it, but His love is so overwhelming (in the best way!) and it always wins. I mean, He sent His son to die for US! Please, don’t give up faith in Him! He desperately wants to know you and for you to know Him! Seek Him out, and He will show up. He is already there. 🙂
I am praying for you! I pray that you can feel Him moving in your life! I pray that He completely encompasses you in His beautiful peace and comfort and that you never have to doubt His presence! God bless you, and I’ll be praying for you, friend!
PS. It gets better! Anxiety and depression are hard to deal with (I was just recently diagnosed as well), but God is greater! Resist the negative feelings, and allow yourself to smile again! The world needs your light! xo

February 19, 2016 at 19:42
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@sunnydeelovely Thank you so much! I teared up while reading this because this is just what I needed to hear. I have been praying and reading still to the best of my ability. I feel the desire slowly coming back, and it is making me feel so much better. I am just taking one prayer and step at a time. Continue to pray for me, and I will keep you in my prayers also. God bless!! 🙂

February 22, 2016 at 09:36


I’m so glad to hear that! I will definitely keep praying for you, and thank you for your prayers, as well! God bless you, too! Stay strong!

February 25, 2016 at 20:41
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