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Making Out

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Hey everyone!
I haven’t been on PI in a while so I’m sure that there a tons of new faces. I wasn’t very active in the forums in the past so most of you probably don’t know me. So here are the basics about me. I am a sixteen year old Catholic homeschooler. I have been a Girl Scout since I was five. I love Disney and I hope to be an animator one day. Enough about me.
Here’s my problem:
So I have been dating my best friend for over a month now. We have known each other since we were eight. He is my first boyfriend and I am his first girlfriend. We go to the same church and are both strong in our faith. Three weeks ago, we shared our first kiss and it was wonderful!! It was just a peck on the lips and it was perfect. So Sunday I invited him over to bake cookies and watch Netflix with me. The date was going great. We were cuddling and watching Doctor Who. Our faces came toward each other and we started kissing. Like really kissing!! He had one hand in my hair and the other pulling me closer to him. His tongue was in my mouth. And I was kissing him and pulling him closer too. When we finally came up for air the episode was over and we sat in silence. No inappropriate touching happened and it felt amazing at the time, but now I feel kinda dirty. Is making out sinful? Sorry for the book.

(Just FYI, I do love this guy. And he respects me so much)
(And if you remember me, he is J from my post about friendzoning my guy friend.)

September 3, 2015 at 13:50
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I’m also a homeschooler…so I guess you can say we’re just awesome! 🙂 and I think the most important thing to remember with this kind of situation is “how far is too far?” Know your boundaries, and if you don’t have any yet, make some. Like “If he goes to touch me inappropriately we stop kissing.” I know from experience that having no boundaries can be dangerous. But in my opinion, making out is not wrong. Its just crossing the line that is. I hope I helped. All the love, Taylor.

September 14, 2015 at 12:41
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Simply making out with your boyfriend isn’t sinful, and from what you said I don’t think you two crossed a line into what is sinful. That said, judging from what you said I think that making out might not be something your ready for yet. You two haven’t been dating for very long and making out is a pretty intimate act. I would talk to your boyfriend and without condemning either of you for the kiss set some boundaries. Like what taterlyn said having no boundaries can be very dangerous. If you haven’t already make some time to get coffee with your guy and decide how far you want to go. Also, make your relationship open enough that if either of you are uncomfortable at any point, you can talk about and adjust your boundaries as needed.

September 20, 2015 at 08:50
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