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Okay hi.
I have lots of questions to fit into this post ( Their all related questions and I hate posting to many posts for fear I become annoying).

1. I’m graduating high school next year. At 16. I have been home schooled since I got out of kindergarten So, at 16 I am eligible to get a HiSET. ( High School Equivalency Test, Its like a GED.) I feel like I am really behind i math though so once I start school for the summer, in the next about six months, maybe a little more, ( I am not completely sure when the classes start exactly) I am going to start using khanacademy.com at their early math programs and work my way up to their last course that you need for a high school diploma. But I thought I am a good student, I am a bad learner. I don’t understand when my dad explains what to do to solve it, or what the online video says, I don’t always remember how to do things for very long, and I get really frustrated, very easy, very fast. How do I make it easier to learn and remember the formulas.

2. I also have to get my learners permit, after my sister finishes getting her licence. Any advice on learning to drive? I would rather not learn to drive from either of my parents because they are both very bad drivers. But, I don’t have much choice. How do I aviod picking up their bad habbits while driving, and any other tips that might help?

3. After I get my HiSET I also have to get a job to save up for whatever I decide to do with my future. But I don’t have any professional references. I’ve been thinking about starting to volunteer at our local library because those will be good references and if I decide I would like to go to college then It will look good on an application. But are there any other good ways that you know of that I can get professional references?

Thanks guys, Hopefully that wasn’t to long. Any help would be appreciated.

August 1, 2016 at 12:17


1. Math can be rather complicated. Part of me says that my method of remembering formulas and whatnot is trying to understand why it is the way that it is…but since I’ve taken more calculus classes all I can say is…don’t bother trying to understand it, just focus on memorizing it, like a set of vocabulary words. đŸ˜€ khanacademy is pretty useful with a lot of math (and other) things…but exactly how effective it is depends how you learn, I guess. A lot of times, it’s easier to learn in a physical class setting, or one-on-one with a teacher, for some things.

2. Oh, driving. I just turned 19, I’ve had my license for about a year now…and I still don’t like it. I just don’t. But I would definitely suggest reading and learning from the drivers manual for your state, and obeying those rules over your parents habits. There are also drivers ed classes abailable in some places (for a fee) or online on youtube for free, that may be useful.

3. If you do any babysitting regularly for a family, or anything like that, those can be useful references, especially for an entry-level job. Volunteering would also be great, for references, work experience and for college applications.

August 1, 2016 at 13:18
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