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So confession time for me.
I am upsessive about my looks. I am constantly worried about it. I measure my waist hips and bust far to often. I have Googled how to improve my body to my liking alarming amounts of time.
I have yoga poses for making my hips bigger and am doing a turbo Pilates every night.
Right now I am proud of my hips (33in) and waist (24in) but thats about it. So I am trying to improve it. Is this bad?
I have been trying to tone everything up for the most part and increase size. But it isn’t effecting my eating. I am also wanting to get to 110 because thats a healthy weight for me.
But back to my question. Is this bad for me mentally? I made sure not to harm my self physically. But I want to make sure that putting that much thought into my body isn’t ungodly.
BTW what\’s your favorite exercises? I love pigeon poses!

September 20, 2015 at 17:55
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I would pray about this and ask God if you have a sinful obsession with your looks. It is not wrong to want to have a fit, healthy, and beautiful body but when you become more focused with specific sizes and outward features than you are with growing in your relationship with Christ that can become dangerous. Even if you aren’t harming yourself physically you can still be going down an unhealthy path.

September 20, 2015 at 20:38


I love pigeon pose too…and yoga in general!

Sweet girl, I would say yes, this is bad for you mentally. I know this simply because I went through the same thing. For years. I was constantly on my mind. It was so. freaking. exhausting.

I was constantly thinking about what I ate, how much I ate, how I dressed, how I looked–I didn’t realize how bad it was at the time, but now I’m not really like that, and I look back at pictures and am shocked I worried so much. I was so darn cute! 🙂 lol

I never harmed myself physically, and always ate plenty, but it was mentally unhealthy. You sound like an absolutely beautiful girl, so I would try being more focused outwardly and not be worrying about how you look.

Absolutely have fun with makeup, enjoy your yoga and physical fitness, experiment with style–all that is good and fun. The only thing wrong is obsession and worry. God wants you free from that! He wants you to enjoy a mind filled with peace, confidence and pure happiness.

September 20, 2015 at 22:07


@Adventure: Amen!

September 21, 2015 at 09:39


Obsessing is very bad for you mentally. I struggled with an eating disorder, and trust me even if you are eating, it can spiral. You will most likely never be 100% happy about your body and it will kill you inside.

September 29, 2015 at 14:42
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