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More help with my crush please

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This post is about the same guy as before, on “Help with my crush, please and thank you”. Sorry if I’m annoying anyone, the more I think about him, the more confused I get? You said he definitely like me! And I’m pretty sure he does! Brushing his body against me, cutely smiling when he sees me, staring at me at lunch when I’m not looking, and today he even kept staring when I looked back. He held it and it was how I almost imagine a couple would stare at each other…it just felt so right, like he knew and understood me. Lately I’ve been getting scared when guys look at me, but he somehow made it easy to look back. Anyway, I’m not sure if has a girlfriend, but there was a snap chat of him with a girl and today at school I saw them walking together. Is it possible he could still like me if he likes her? I noticed right when he saw me, he smiled but didn’t look at me. (I know it was because he saw me). And I’ve also noticed he touches his hair whenever he walks by me. What is going on? I was thinking he liked me because I was remembering how he was staring. Then I saw that. What do you think? After lunch, he also always looks to see if he can find me across the room, so in the hall him and his friends can get right behind me. Today they did that and he was actually running. I feel bad because I was too scared to even turn around. Did he think I was being rude and give up? And by the way, the staring at lunch was after I complimented him on a picture and said he looked nice in flannel. I was so worried he would block or unfriend me but he didn’t 🙂 I think God was with me in that and it felt like the right timing, even though he didn’t say “Thank you” or anything.

There’s also a boy from my church at my school in my study hall. He’s been staring at me when I look away too or just when he’s talking to a friend. He (Connor) is also in my lunch. He’s also at another table but one time at his someone was in his way and he leaned forward a little to look at me. And it was right when I leaned forward at my table to hear my friend, so we did make eye contact. I know Connor has a girlfriend, so does he just want to be my friend? But would you stare at someone you liked as a friend? He’s a person I think God wants me to be friends with but would he feel that too? I mean I could definitely see a future with him or him being a friend I need, except he won’t accept my Instagram follow request or friend request on FB. He smiles at me and have talked! Any advice? Thank you in advance! Also, advice on how not to look away so quickly? I looked away immediately when I saw Connor looking at me today and I felt bad I was being rude

February 11, 2016 at 19:46


Honestly, you need to talk to your crush! If you think he likes you tell him how you feel. Make sure that yours and his feelings and intentions are expressed.

And what I would say about Connor is just don’t pursue anything other than a friendship. If he has a girlfriend just don’t consider anything more because it could just lead to trouble. And I don’t mean to offend you, but be careful not to over-read everything a guy does.

March 17, 2016 at 13:04
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