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Moving out fears

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So me and my best friend and her fiancé are moving out in about two weeks… But I guess I should give some background first. There’s no real “reason” for me to move out other than the fact that I’m just ready to be responsible and I feel that if I stay home and live like I have been, I’ll just be spinning my wheels but going nowhere. My bestie though… Her home life isn’t that great. Sure, her parents are good Christians but they treat her badly and unfairly and always have and she’s just done with it. She also feels like me in that she wants and needs responsibility and her own life. And in that same context, she wants to be with the guy she is going to marry. They’re engaged at the moment and yes they will be living together obviously but only because it would complicate things to try and add another person to our apartment in a month or two. She’s been with him secretly since December because her parents decided he was “below” her and forced them to break up. So since about January we’ve been planning and working on moving out. It’s going well, we sign papers in two weeks and everything is set. But there’s one problem…

Our parents don’t know. And they won’t know for two more weeks. Now, personally I would rather tell my parents now so they won’t feel as though I’m disrespecting them or doing it hastily or for some wrong reason, but for my friend, telling her parents before she can move out right then will cause major problems. We know there will be yelling and fighting when she breaks the news to them, so she’s waiting until she’s signed papers and has the keys. She’s asked me to not tell my parents until she tells hers (so that they won’t tell/her parents can’t be angry at them for knowing and not telling). But I’m planning on telling them the night before because I know it would be much worse if I come home with keys saying I have an apartment. Anyway, my questions are this: do you think I’m being disrespectful/acting disobediently to my parents by not telling them? I don’t want to hurt them or be disrespectful; it’s such a difficult situation but I’m terrified of upsetting or disappointing them. Also, how do you not freak out over, well, everything? It’s honestly terrifying, knowing I’ll be financially responsible and everything… And just the fact that I’ll be on my own. It’s scary!!! Any advice for not wimping out??? I’m just scared of everything… Also moving tips would be great because I’ve never moved before 😛

July 2, 2015 at 15:47
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