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My best friends weren't who I thought they were.

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So these are stories of my two former “best friends”. One is from 7th to 9th grade, and the other is from about a year ago.

I was home schooled during sixth grade and then put back in public school in 7th grade because I missed my friends and I wasn’t doing too well with school. So of course I was nervous that everyone I had gone to elementary school with had forgotten me. The first day was honestly awful. I went to the wrong classes and got embarrassed several times throughout the day. I was so upset that I begged my mom to take me back out of school. She told me that it was only the first day and that things would get better eventually. So the next day I was more nervous than I was the first day back- until this girl came up to me and started talking to me. “Hi! I’m Katie!” she said, so friendly and welcoming. I introduced myself and we hit it off immediately. We joked around and laughed until we were crying. I found out that I had the majority of my classes with her and of course I was more than excited because I finally made a friend! Well the first year or so of our friendship was all sunshine and rainbows, which was unusual for me. I began noticing that Katie would sometimes call me “stupid” or “fat” or “ugly”, and not in a kidding way. She began bossing me around more and treating me like I was her slave or something. She always seemed to be sad or mad or upset about something and it began to take a toll on me. I had started to feel depressed and unloved and just in the dark because of her attitudes towards me and others. My parents began noticing that my grades were slipping and brought it to my attention that I had changed for the worst. I got offended and mad because I didn’t understand why I had been acting the way I was. It wasn’t until my mom and dad sat me down one night and basically told me to stop being friends with her or I would end up like her. I hated the thought of losing her because she was my only close friend. I finally gave in and told her that I didn’t like how she was making me feel. She proceeded to tell me that she was tired of me and yadda yadda. I don’t really remember what all she said but I remember feeling broken and so hurt. By this time my 9th grade year had almost come to an end.

During the end of my 9th grade year, I met a girl named Jessica on the internet. I began talking to her and we bonded over our favorite band at the time, “One Direction”. After talking to her for hours, I realized that she went to my church. We then planned to hang out that Wednesday night at church. When we finally met in person, we hit it off immediately. Our friendship grew rapidly, and within a few months we were considering being best friends forever! I had honestly thought that I had finally found my lifelong best friend. We had so much in common, it seemed inevitable! Until I met my boyfriend, that is. We met in the Summer of 2013 and she didn’t like the idea of someone taking me away from her. My boyfriend and I started dating in September of that year and at first, she seemed okay with it. She said we were “so cute” and “relationship goals”! When my boyfriend and I had begun to get serious around February of 2014, she had been acting cold and rash towards me. Not talking to me in public, acting like she didn’t know who I was. Every time I called or texted her to ask if she could hang out, she would give me some excuse as to why she couldn’t. I felt like I couldn’t win for losing. When I brought it to her attention, she told me that I was spending too much time with Drake and not enough with her. I tried to explain that I had tried to hang with her but she wouldn’t do it. She had begun to act like she hated Drake and wouldn’t have anything to do with him, and I didn’t like that at all. I had been so upset by the fact that my “best friend” didn’t like my boyfriend. The friendship eventually died down. We still text and talk in person, but its nothing like it was. I still let her know I love her and that I’d do anything for her. But we both have our own lives and do our own things.

I wrote this post because I want to share my experiences and use them to teach the lesson God taught me throughout my life with friendships and people in general. I learned that God is my only true best friend. People will fail, but my God never will. He will remain faithful throughout my life as well as yours. Even though you may feel like you’re alone and like no one likes you, you are so incredibly loved by your Heavenly Father. Don’t fall into the trap Satan has put in your life. He wants you to think you’re going to be lonely and forever alone and won’t have any friends. But you’ll always have the Lord right beside you. I hope you enjoyed this post! If you would like, leave a comment or a story below telling me some of your experiences. Or even a lesson God has taught you through let-downs. Thanks for reading. Love you all!

September 14, 2015 at 12:59
Project Inspired


Sorry this is late and you probably won’t see this but I thought I’d share anyway. I have had so many friend issues its not even funny, but the past couple years it’s been much better, I am thankful for the relationships that failed because I learned so much through them, even though they were devastating at the time, God saved me from some harmful friendships. Well right now I’m going through all of that again. My best friend for the past six years has seriously disappointed me. She has know for a long time that I liked this guy, well he started liking both of us and is going for her because she has been the more friendly flirty one and now she likes him too. I feel like I’ve lost my only good friend and my chances with the “guy of my dreams” but I know God has a plan. I don’t know what it is and even though it’s extremely saddening and depressing right now, God’d plans are far better than my own.

September 24, 2015 at 12:29
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I don’t know if you’ll see this, but thank you for replying. And you’re exactly right. God’s plans are better than we could ever imagine.

September 28, 2015 at 11:30
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