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my guy best friend started like liking but he is not a christian

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this boy joined my school a couple of months ago and we instantly clicked , but than he told me he was not a Christian and I was shocked, but I later found out that the reason why he is not a Christian is of his guy best friend whom he met 2 years back who is a budhist , so now its difficult to talk him about God because of his friend who keeps feeding him trash , but just last week I found out he likes me more than a friend , but I do like him too but I can not date a guy who is not a Christian but I can not ask him to choose between his friend who has helped and supported him for years and a girl he just met a few months back .but here is the twist because all of his guy Christian friends say I am the only one who can help him because I am the only he will listen to . sorry for the long message but please help me

December 30, 2015 at 04:19


Alright I’ll tell you this right here and right now: you can’t change peopl. God can. And you should never date someone in order to get opportunities to minister to them… It’s not fair to them or yourself.
This past fall I dated a guy who smoked and drank (while those things aren’t necessarily sinful, he abused them to the point of self destruction.) I dated him partially because I liked him, but also because I felt like I could be a good influence. This drove me to a very low mental state- I developed a “savior complex.” I was barely able to break up with him because I felt that if I dumped him he wouldn’t be exposed to Christianity anymore.
This is so wrong and so false. God can change people, not you. Be in his life as a friend, but don’t commit to a relationship unless you’re prepared to date a non Christian. God will use you in his life, that’s for sure, just don’t sacrifice your own mental health or happiness for it.

February 20, 2016 at 18:30
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