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Hi ladies!
I haven’t written in a long while and life just got a little crazy. So in the past I have written about a few failed relationships… The most recent one I wrote about was with a guy who I used to work with. The moment we started talking I fell and I could that I meant something to him. The first few months of working together and Facebook messaging were amazing. We had tried t hang out but he was always busy… I got hurt and after many small disagreements and almost good byes he finally said he liked me. I knew from the start that he eventually would be heading into the marines. I’m just at a lost because a few days ago we had a very deep discussion about how he has been wanting to date me but he’s worried about having to leave. It’s been a struggle and now that I finally have him he found out he may have to head to boot camp in April….
This has been an emotional rollercoaster and every time I try to move on in life I cant stop thinking about him. Its starting to feel like a soap opera and to be honest I have no idea how to handle all of this and my emotions. Obviously this is his dream and the last thing I want is to some how screw up his future…
Prayers and Any advice or encouragement would be wonderful… Thank you for reading the whole thing! I know its a lot to take in lol


February 17, 2015 at 23:18
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