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Since others are putting their testimonies on here, I might as well. 🙂

I am a cradle Catholic, which means I grew up in the Catholic Church. My faith was great, up until high school. At that point I started to question my faith and the existance of God. It had a lot to do with my parents making me go to Mass, being a little rebellious, and being bullied in high school. I still went but they weren’t going to make me pay attention. Which is a really bad attitude about it.

It all started to change during a retreat at the end of my senior year. During adoration I talked to God and let it all out. My faith was better for the rest of the year but I then went to a public college for two years. I started to get embarrassed about my faith. Going to school during Ash Wednesday with ashes on my forehead. It was much easier to express my faith when everyone at my Catholic high school was doing it.

Afterwards, I went to a Christian college for a year. There I faced udder anti-Catholicism from fellow Christians. Which I have never met before. I mean, I met some athiests but not other Christians. Then I started to research and get more into my faith.

I transferred to a Catholic university. Not only because of this but I decided to go to film school. Here I am learning more about my faith and God. I am also starting to read more books, like C.S. Lewis and other Christian authors. I love the fact that I have to take Theology classes, and this time pay attention in class.

Not sure if anyone else here had simular experiences, but would love to hear about them.

God Bless.

November 29, 2014 at 09:55
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