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New Book!

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I have very exciting news! After over 4 years of work, my second novel The Mercagea Trilogy Book One: The Prey by Chrisa Thomas has finally come out! 😀 Please check it out. 🙂 It’s available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle.

Here’s the back cover, describing the book:
Royce de’Blanc is a devoted rebel smuggler, determined to take down the de’Liraan royal family and willing to do anything to help the rebel cause. Anything includes rescuing the kidnapped de’Liraan prince for the reward money to finance the rebels, who are low on funds.

Royce succeeds in rescuing Prince Derick, dragging him, along with his sister Rory and the two passengers on their ship, Kaiya and the talentless bard Nicholas, into a dangerous adventure. The five of them find themselves on the run, doggedly pursued by the kidnappers, who are determined to get back the prince by any means necessary. What Royce does not know is that Derick cannot simply return home because his own brother Prince Cael is the one out to kill him. Tension rises on the ship as Royce and Derick clash more and more, especially as Royce notices his sister getting too friendly with the prince, and they begin to suspect that someone onboard is out to get them. All in all, Royce is realizing there would have been easier ways to fund the rebels.

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