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Not IRL, Real Crush?

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About two years ago now, I got Instagram and made some really close “internet friends”. Two girls in Europe that I wish I could meet and a guy a few states away. Through chatting online he has become a pretty good friend to me… And he’s said that I’m also a good friend of his despite being internet friends. We’re the same age, share our faith, and have similar interests. I find myself wishing we did know each other “IRL” and that I could get to know him more, but I know that will never happen, and could not happen! However, I also do not want to end our friendship just because I wish I we were “IRL”! We’ve been “friends” for these past two years and I don’t want it to end over something stupid, even if we end up growing farther apart eventually as life goes on. Basically, how can I get rid of my feelings without avoiding him online or ending the friendship?

Advice, suggestions, anything?

March 15, 2015 at 20:59
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