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Sorry for always having stupid boy problems but here it goes.
I went through a year that was full of heart break and family misery…. Once things started to calm down a bit I got a job at the local retail store. I was at a point where I just kind of kept to myself and tried to be a nobody. Immediately at work I met this young man who not only was good looking but he was super nice. I new I wasn’t in a good place so I pushed people out and got myself mixed up with another jerk. Long story short the first guy (MJ) had started going out of his way to talk to me. He usually kept to himself but if he saw I was upset he’d come say hi or find a reason to compliment me. After months of talking at work he finally gave me his number and we started texting. He was there with me through some pretty difficult things in life but I still pushed him out. He was so sweet and always was encouraging. Things have started to change over the last 3 months. We met up outside of work and he tells me I’m beautiful and makes a huge effort for me to know he’s thinking of me. The problem is… I think he may do drugs and I’m not sure how to find out or what to do if he does. He’s an amazing man but I have been in a relationship with a guy who was trying to quit and it was miserable. I’m against drugs and I just don’t know how to handle things because the bond I have with his is super special….

April 16, 2015 at 15:18
Winged Eloquence

Winged Eloquence

In this case, I think it’s best to be honest with him.

Tell him how you’ve been feeling these past few months. Thank him graciously for making the effort to reach out to you. And then explain to him how, as his friend, you’re concerned about his wellbeing. Let him know how you feel about drugs. Who knows? He might not be taking drugs at all. Just speaking truthfully about this stuff is a great way to address issues out in the open and deepen a friendship in the process.

I have another question for you. Does he consider himself a Christian? If he doesn’t, I’d advise against entering into a relationship with him right now. You can certainly minister to him as a friend, but it’s dangerous to pursue a romantic relationship with someone who doesn’t have faith in God. I’d recommend inviting this young man to church. Introduce him to your parents, your pastors, and your friends. Let him know that there’s a network of people — and, more importantly, a God who loves him — that will change his life forever.

April 17, 2015 at 11:55
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