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OMGEEEEEE guys do I tell my parents about my new(er) faith?

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Ok so here’s the deal. I grew up in an ultra-strict, conservative fundamentalist sect of Christianity. While I’m thankful that I got introduced to Jesus through this (see good can come out of bad things 😛 ) the majority of this “faith” is extremely narrow-minded, clouded in fear, based on a million and one rules and honestly looks more like the life of a Pharisee than of Jesus. My parent’s faith is irrational, and doesn’t invite questions or independent thought. It’s ungracious and unloving. Not intentionally, but it is. It’s also based more on the fear (read: terror) of God than love for him and other people.

3 years ago, I spiraled into the worst depression and anxiety of my entire life. I began to see that a main cause of it was my beliefs, and I started to seriously consider my faith. I spent hours in the Christian bookstore pouring over biblical commentaries, different bible translations and greek and Hebrew definitions of words. I read a million books, tons of online articles and basically thought of nothing else over the past few years except trying to figure out my faith.

And I did guys! I came to a pretty radical change in my beliefs and dropped a lot of stuff I believed growing up. I honestly feel as if God himself was extracting me from that situation.

And it’s honestly not so much what I learned as much as what I’ve unlearned. If you want to define it, I guess you’d say I’ve become a more progressive, open-minded Christian instead of a fundamentalist one.

Anyway, do I tell my parents about my new beliefs? They (my new beliefs) have given me so much more happiness, trust in Jesus and freedom, but I’m pretty sure my parents would freak out completely.

Guys, these are people who would freak out if I eat Lucky Charms cereal, because you know, charms are bad. :O Of the devil.

These are people who think Santa Claus is from Satan because you know you can rearrange “Santa” to get Satan.

They freak out about Halloween, the Easter Bunny and the Beatles. And basically everything.

But the thing is, I love my parents. And when I love people I want to be close to them, and to be close to them I feel like I need to share everything and be myself. But honestly, I can’t be myself around my parents. Ugh. Idk what to do.

TL;DR~ Do I tell my super strict fundamentalist parents that my faith in Jesus is much more free, progressive, inclusive and loving now, and that I’ve dropped most of the beliefs I grew up with? :O

July 12, 2016 at 09:32


First of all, I would stress the fact that your beliefs have evolved through extensive research and thought…parents have the tendency of thinking that we are simply rebelling when we reject what they have taught us. I would try opening up slowly about it so that the news doesn’t come crashing down at one moment…most likely, if you start expressing your views rather subtlety, they will react and then you can begin to explain your “journey” to them. That’s a place to start 🙂

July 14, 2016 at 12:44


^^ Agreed. Don’t pile on everything all at once, go slowly. It took a long time for you to understand everything, so I wouldn’t expect your parents to understand in the two seconds after telling them. 🙂 Good luck, and I’m very happy for you!

July 15, 2016 at 14:01


Thank you both so much for commenting! Nino~ Good idea, I will definitely ease them into it 😛 🙂

Clairabear~I love what you said about not expecting my parents to understand immediately, since it took me awhile to come to my own conclusions too. I didn’t think about it like that and it makes perfect sense, and will keep me from getting too frustrated ha! 🙂

July 15, 2016 at 16:03


I’m glad I could help in some way!

July 17, 2016 at 12:09
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