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Prom :D

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Prom. We’re girls. We love it. So let’s talk prom stuff on here 😀

My prom is next weekend and I just gotta share what happened yesterday because I’M SO EXCITED AAAAHHH

So I wanted to ask my boyfriend of five months if he wanted to go to prom. (Me and a few of our other friends decided we’re going as a group, with a few couples within the group. We went dress shopping over spring break and I picked out mine. 🙂 ) He doesn’t really like stuff like that, so I was worried he wouldn’t want to go. Still, my friend and I did some plotting and I decided to make him pretzels that spelled out “PROM?” I baked them and had them ready to take to school on Monday. I planned on telling him to close his eyes when he got to lunch, then setting them up and being like “TA-DAAA”.

Our teacher had to talk to him and few other kids about something so I was waiting for him outside the classroom so we could go to lunch. My teacher was also talking to another one of my friends and her boyfriend was outside waiting for her too. He asked me if me and my boyfriend were going to prom, and I told him my plan and that I was nervous he wouldn’t want to go. Then he says, “Trust me, he’s going to want to go. Also, here. Tell him that I hooked him up with $30 off a tux!” Then he reaches into his backpack and pulls out a STACK of tuxedo rental coupons and hands me one. I have no idea why he had so many of those things but I thought it was hilarious.

Anyway, my boyfriend finished and he and I went to his locker before we went to the hallway we eat in. Then he reaches in and pulls out this cute little box wrapped in paper with pink roses on it and hands it to me and tells me to open it when we get to the hall. So of course we walk to the hall and the whole time I’m staring at it and thinking “OOOOHHHH MY GOOOSH… OHHHH. MY. GOOOOSH.”

We got there and my friend was waiting for us (the one who helped me conspire to bake the pretzels and all that) and I open it, and it’s a pair of pop figures of two of my favorite Game of Thrones characters, Daenerys and Drogo. And there’s a piece of paper on it that says “You, Me, Prom?”

So, naturally, I started making obnoxiously excited noises and jumped up and hugged him xD And after that I was like “I HAVE A THING FOR YOU TOO”, told him to close his eyes, and set up the pretzels and said “TA DAA!” (And then I gave him the coupon and was like “Elijah told me to give this to you” xD)

Aaaaanyway, that’s my story. Needless to say I’ve been very giddy since yesterday. Giggling to myself while I’m driving home and announcing “I’M GOING TO PROM” to thin air and that sort of thing. Ah, my inner twelve year old is shining through.

Anyone else want to share their prom plans? Dates/friend groups/dress/hair stuff? I’m all ears 😀 Also, any cool prom themes? Mine is going to be a masquerade, so I’m even more excited xD

April 7, 2015 at 16:37


Dawwww!!! That is the SWEETEST thing ever!!!!

April 7, 2015 at 17:37


That is so sweet!!!

My prom is coming up in a few weeks too. And the theme is also masquerade! Are you going to wear a mask? I might to my prom

I actually have already been to one prom that was in Feb. A guy that I have been friends with for several years asked me to go with him so I did. And he will be my date to this prom. 🙂

April 8, 2015 at 17:58


Yep! I got my mask at this cool store in the mall called Earthbound. They have the most beautiful masquerade masks. It’s sky blue and gold with teal feathers on one side. (My school attatched these cheap silver masks to the tickets, and my friends and I were making fun of them because the glitter got everyhere)
Aww, that’s awesome! What does your dress look like? Mine is a sky blue strapless dress with white lace layered over it and a flowy skirt. I love it so much!

April 10, 2015 at 21:28


That’s really cool! I will probably order a couple masks off of ebay since it’s hard to find them around where I live.
My dress is actually a masquerade gown, which is kind of funny because when I bought it I had no idea I would be going to a prom themed masquerade. 🙂 It’s light blue with a really dark, navy blue colored mesh over top, floor length, strapless, and very, very sparkly. Every where I went in it I left a trail of sparkles. It was pretty funny 😀

April 11, 2015 at 09:45
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