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Prom Help Please!

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Before I get stared, this isn’t your regular “I wanna go to prom but can’t find a date/don’t know whether or not to ask him,” prom kind of thing. In fact, this might just be a brand new type of prom question.

So ever since I got to high school, I’ve wanted to go to a dance. Any dance would be fine, homecoming, winter formal, spring formal, prom, whatever. And as human beings, we always want what we can’t have. I especially wanted to because I’m homeschool and would never be able to go unless someone invited me. The funny thing is, most people would never guess that I was homeschooled unless I said something. Once you tell people your homeschooled, they look at you differently. Yes, I might not always be caught up on the hippest of the hippest slang that only they use or whatever. But I still get it. I’m not ignorant because I’m homeschooled. In fact, I’m actually use online school and have actual teachers, actual peers, actual clubs and a actual GPA. Gasp. But anyway, most of my friends are very hesitant to invite me to any dance solely on the fact I’m homeschooled and don’t go to their school. Even though I just want to go, with a boy, a friend or a group, I’d go!
But this year, lucky enough for me, and out of the sweetness of my friends heart, my friend invited me to prom to be part of a group that is going together. I was so excited when she offered, I almost cried and I’m not a cry-y person. I was super excited and jazzed up to go and thought I have all the info on who was going and so forth. Apparently, I didn’t. Instead of 4 of us, it’s 10. I don’t know the 4 of them at all and know 2 more very little but, normally, I’d be totally fine with not knowing these people and just meeting them when prom came around. I love meeting new people so it’s cool. I try my best not to judge people based on what I hear and think I know, but for prom, the night 1/3 of teens wil get in an accident and most of those will be due to drugs and alcohol, lets not even mention the stuff that goes unrecorded and the sex things, It’s reasonable for me to want to feel somewhat safe. However, I’ve heard, and know some, of the very sketchy things some of these people do. One of the boys, I don’t know him, has a child and is a senior in high school. Ok, accident happen. A girl I do know and don’t care for very much is basically sex crazy and has a thing for alcohol. A boy I know very littler gets “turnt up” from drugs and alcohol. The girl that invited me I know and trust her very much. Another girl that I know and am friends with I only half trust her because she makes a lot of poor decisions, her judgement isn’t always well thought through. She’s not the wisest and can get caught up in it all really easy but she would 100% have my back. 3 other people I haven’t even heard about at all, which could be good because it means they don’t have a bad rep or cause lots of drama.

However, even though I want to go to prom so badly, I don’t know if it’s necessarily a good idea to go with this group of people, especially being such a strong Christian. If you want to do drugs and drink, fine, but I won’t. I stand for something much greater than myself which is the Lord. My life is a statement piece of the God’s and I’d wanna do it how He would do it. I’ve never been put in a situation where I would have such centralized pressure on me, but I know I would say no, and speak up if need be, based on previous circumstances. I just don’t want to get dragged down in any bad mojo they may cause.

Help and prayers please?

April 9, 2016 at 22:25


Hey Victoria! Typically when it’s so late I won’t usually write out anything long but I really felt this topic speaking to me, being a homeschooler myself.
I totally feel your desire to go to prom, I have the same.
The Lord is speaking to you on those group of people, you know they’re not good but yet you still want to go and enjoy the night. As you said and you already know, it’s so easy to get caught up in doing what your peers are doing. Even if you’ll tell yourself that you won’t get caught up in it, there is so many of them and only one of you. What could happen is you could get caught up in the night and with the people and you’ll end up doing something you regret.

1 Corinthians 15:33 ESV
Do not be deceived: “Bad company ruins good morals.”

Prom is suppose to be a fun night, and if you go in with a heavy conscious and you know that who you’re hanging out with isn’t the right people to be around then don’t go. You definitely won’t enjoy yourself! Listen to what the Lord is saying to you, as hard as it may be. I realize how desperately you wish to go to the prom, but under situations like this, is it really worth it?

Also, I don’t know if where you live does it but maybe you can see if there’s any local homeschool proms? I know that where I live they have several going on, so it’s worth checking it out!

I do hope I helped, and if you have anymore questions don’t hesitate to ask me! I love to help in anyway. My prayers go out to you!

April 10, 2016 at 21:42


Hey 🙂

I would talk to your friend (and maybe also to your parents and your friend’s parents) about the people that are going to go with you to make sure that you now know all the details 😉 If I understood you right, your friend doesn’t drink, too? That’s great 🙂 It’s always better not to be alone because people will always ask questions ( I once was at a birthday party where everyone was getting drunk and I excused myself with anemia because I had my period and I was getting very strange looks 😀 , but at least they accepted it).
Also I would make sure that you agree on who’s driving and when you’re going to be home again (as things tend to escalate after a certain time) and if you don’t feel well, who might pick you up earlier (probably your parents or if you’ve got your own car, maybe you can drive by yourself).

Under these circumstances I would encourage you to go and have a good time 🙂

I also didn’t drink on my Abitur ball (equals senior prom) and wasn’t friends with a lot of people, but I still had fun and I would have regretted it if I had stayed at home. I left at 1 in the morning while the others drove off to another location to continue partying 😉

April 11, 2016 at 14:16
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