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I’m not looking for advice for this particular post, but just to see others opinions. So, today, I was kinda getting a bit down about growing up and growing away from some church/Christian friends. And while, I didn’t really pray about it, I definitely got a God response! All of a sudden, I didn’t feel as bothered by the issue, because one day or another, I’m going to see those friends again, in heaven and we will literally have eternity to hang out! Haha, Ya it’s random, but it was just this bump of hope and reassurance that we all have something better for us ahead and just cause we drift apart on earth, we will have, like, forever to catch up and hang out! I just find that so awesome!!! What about you guys? Do find any hope/comfort in that? Even though I still have a mission here on earth to fulfil from God, I literally can not wait to get to heaven and just praise God, talk with Jesus, and spend time hanging out with my friends and family and meeting other Christians!

November 27, 2014 at 19:59
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