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Relationship with an atheist- anyone with experience?

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I’m 21, a senior in college, and a Christian with strong convictions. I have been tested many times and I have committed to God the usuals to not have sex until I’m married and not live with a guy before marriage.

I also have a very accepting and understanding heart and have always been able to co-exist peacefully with people of different faiths. It’s interesting to me to learn about others’ beliefs and I never let anyone’s anti-Christian comments get to me. I know what I believe and I’m not about to let anyone come between me and God.

Now I’m getting really close with an amazing guy- I’ll call him David. David and I are so similar and close, enjoy the same things, love spending time together, and we are always laughing and having so much fun together. We go for walks, talk, tell stories about our lives, and everything about him is so genuine. He is sweet, thoughtful, caring, generous, and a total gentleman.

The one thing that I know most people will scoff at is that he does not believe in God. His family does not believe in organized religions and he was never raised to know anything about Christianity or faith. It’s honestly not a deal-breaker for me like I always expected it would be. Marrying out of the Christian faith would not be ideal, but who is anyone to say what is right or wrong for anyone else? Yes, I consider him a marriage candidate.

I know relationships between Christians and non-Christians aren’t unusual and can be great if they are taken care of right. I feel it’s all about respect and communication and not trying to change the partner’s beliefs. My question is for the women on here that have had successful relationships with an atheist man.

If you have personal experience with a situation like this, do you have any advice? How did you find that balance?

December 11, 2014 at 13:00


My boyfriend of 2 years is not a Christian and I am. He respects my beliefs and I respect his. He does not believe that there isn’t a God, but he is more agnostic. We haven’t really run into any trouble so far from this difference, he doesn’t mind that I go to church every sunday and am actively involved.
However, it does greatly concern me that when we die, we will no longer be with each other. It breaks my heart that if he is not saved before he dies he will go to hell.

Is it a deal breaker?
Maybe not.

I actively pray for him that he will accept salvation and become a follower of Jesus. His mom recently joined a church and got saved and it gave me home for my boyfriend as well. My advice is that you just pray non stop. Before you get into a serious relationship, or even marriage it needs to be something you guys both discuss honestly and openly. I have doubts about my relationship at times due to this difference but all I can do right now is pray and leave it up to God.
Best of luck 🙂

December 11, 2014 at 13:59
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This is from experience.. save your self from heart break! I did this and it ended terribly. It was awful, missionary dating can never work, But i would still share the word of God with him, if he will listen.

January 19, 2015 at 03:59
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