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As a Christian, is it weird/ odd that, in a situation where my partner has done wrong and comes to apologize to me, I’d rather have my partner say something like: “Hey, I messed up, and I’m genuinely sorry. Please forgive me?” Rather than “I have sinned against you, please forgive me of my transgressions.”
I mean, as long as the person is sorry, it doesn’t matter HOW they “spin it”, but, is it a relatable thing that I am uncomfortable with the “religious gloss” put over things like this?
Another short example would be, if a friend told me a I needed to approach my partner with a humble attitude, I’d be more receptive and comfortable with hearing: “In situations like this, its best to be humble. It really helps both of you work things out so egos don’t get in the way” rather than “You must humble yourself before your boyfriend, confess to him your sin, and with a humble heart, ask for forgiveness.”
*disclaimer WHILE NONE OF THOSE OPTIONS ARE THE “WRONG” OR “RIGHT” WAY TO GO ABOUT THINGS . . . . is my question understandable? (I’m asking theoretically, I’m not actually currently dealing with this)

February 3, 2016 at 21:00
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