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Seeing Myself How God Sees Me

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Hey girls. So, currently I’ve been dealing with some self esteem issues. Well, tbh, this is nothing new. I don’t think I’ve ever been truly self-confident.

My whole life I have never really been popular or even accepted at some points to be honest. I have never had that many friends, though I certainly don’t have NO friends.

Anyway, as I have mentioned about 100 times before, no guys have ever been interested in me. So, there’s this one strange guy who I went to school with in like seventh grade who was interested in me, but other than that nada.

I know we are not supposed to put our value in what guys think of us, but I’m starting to worry about myself. Is something wrong with me? I have been socially off my whole life but my mom says I’m getting better.

I know that God cares about me so much, but here’s the thing. Take my friend who is dating and my same age. God loves her the same as me, AND she has a guy’s love on top of that.

I guess I sometimes feel I’m not worthy or worry something is seriously off and unattractive about me that I guess my friends don’t have.

Any advice? Thank you. And also, how can I see myself how God sees me and look at the potential I do have?

September 25, 2016 at 21:54


Being confident in myself is the hardest thing I have ever tried to do. I have never been that person everyone liked, never anyone first choice, and I am very socially awkward. But what does their opinions matter?
How I got to the point of even trying was when I realized How can I be anyone’s first choice when I am not my own first choice? You may not be the sweetest, prettiest, most popular, ect. But you are you. And that is all you have, and it’s all your going to get. And don’t try and change your self to be those things. You where created in the eyes of the King who created Beyonce! And he loves you just as much and thinks your just as good as Beyonce. He created the most beautiful things in the world. The sound of rain as your trying to sleep, the beautiful shades that live in the galaxy that we can’t see. Baby birds and puppies and horses and chocolate. Then you. He created you. Looking before the world full of majestic things and creature, he looked far into the future and said, you know what would be the best thing to put in this world? Kellybarta14 is the best person to be in this place. If you weren’t supposed to be where you are in the position your in, you wouldn’t be.
Now I realize I’m getting off topic so let me redirect.
To see yourself like God does, that is probably impossible. He sees so much about us that we don’t. But to love yourself isn’t. For me, my path to self love started when I decided that hating myself for what I can’t change isn’t going to help.
The first thing I did, was I sat alone and I apologized to my body and to my mind for how horrible I had treated myself. I’m sorry that I called you ugly and that I called you dumb. Healing relationships start with taking time to say I’m sorry for doing you wrong. And that is how you start healing yourself. Then look for the things you love about yourself. I love my eyes, and how one is green and one is brown. I love how I can write essays. I LOVE that have the ability to do my eyebrows so they are totally on fleek. No matter how small, write it down.
Then make sure that when you have a negative though, you send it right back to hell where it came from. You are not off, you are perfectly right for where you are supposed to be. When it’s time for you to become different God will open a door for you. He will change you till your right for what is in store. You just gonna roll with the punches. But everyday just take time to look at yourself, mind and body and say, I love you.
I also go on pinterest a lot and look up body positive quotes. I have a few that when ever I am feeling down, I just tell myself them. I will share those with you at the end of that post.
Remember that there is nothing wrong with you, and you are exactly where he wants you to be. He saw everything before it happened and hes got it under control.

So in closing, I don’t know if that actually answers the question or if I just started rambling mindlessly, but take what I say to heart anyway. You deserve to love yourself, because love literally created you.

” You owe yourself the love that you so freely give to other people.”
” To love oneself is the beginning of a life long romance.”
” Life is way to short to spend another day at war with yourself.”
” Admiring someone else’s beauty doesn’t mean you have to question your own.”

September 25, 2016 at 22:54


I think being aware that everyone has been afraid, had doubts, done stupid stuff (or…does stupid stuff haha), is brilliant (including you–if you’ve ever studied neuroscience or psychology you’ll know what I mean: our brains are so incredibly complex and amazing and smart) is awkward and on an on and on you sort of realize you’re actually not so different from everyone else, and it doesn’t really matter what people think of you.

Then (when you don’t really care what people think about you) you can tell the truth–instead of saying or acting how you think other people want you to act–and truth is really what connects us to other people.

I hope that makes sense, I’ve kind of been thinking about it for awhile but I’ve never written it down so I’m sorry if it sounds strange 😛

September 26, 2016 at 12:13


But I definitely understand what you’re saying, I’ve struggled a lot with self esteem issues and right now I feel really frustrated because all I have is casual friends, my closer friends are in another state.

@Juanita~ I apologized to myself too!! Last summer, when I was getting out of self-hatred, I thought about all the horrible things I had thought and said to myself. They were things you would never, ever say to someone else. So why would we think it’s ok to say them to ourself?

September 26, 2016 at 12:43


@Juanita–I TOTALLY agree. I’ve never had a problem with guys and I’m glad, but I can’t look back on a single thing i’ve done without cringing. If your problem is embarrassment and lack of self confidence–then I can totally suggest just *accepting* things. This sounds weird, so let me explain…
My friend does YouTube videos and they are, yes, cringey. But instead of inwardly cringing she just says, “Well, that was a 10 on the cringe-o-meter!” Sometimes it helps to just voice your problems and accept that they’re there instead of feeling pangs of guilt and embarrassment looking back on what you’ve done. it also helps to have friends that are there with you 😉 Hope this helps:)
and @adventuregirl also agree with you too.

September 26, 2016 at 17:35
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