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Senior With Absolutely No Love Life???

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Hey ladies! I’m new here and I have been really thinking about something. I’ve never kissed a guy. Ever. And aside from one guy in 4th grade, no boy has ever expressed romantic interest in me. I am in a very liberal city and the girls that get the boyfriends and attention typically are not modest. However I do not go out partying and drinking and I dress modestly. I am mainly focused on my studies, volunteering, and helping my community. All of my other family members that are my age have dated and kissed, but not me. What does this mean for me?

Should I just assume that guys aren’t attracted to me? Should I expect my singleness to follow me into the rest of my life? Is it normal that I have had no romantic experience at all? Not even a date or a prom date?

In addition, I find that I am not attracted to any of the boys in my school. I find myself attracted to older, more mature Christian guys (20s) who would never have any interest in someone my age. Is that sinful on my behalf?

June 9, 2015 at 05:58


Hey i don’t know how long ago you posted this but i seem to have this problem too lol. I have never kissed a guy or even gone on a date before. sometimes i wonder if its because im so awkward and im the queen of friend zoning guys. I also find myself attracted to older guys because they tend to be more mature and i am pretty mature for my age. Whenever i feel down about it i listen to the song 6 foot 2 by Marie miller. The best thing you can do is just find a way to be content with your singleness keep your standards high and never settle! Eventually the right man will come along he will be perfect and you will both be ready for whatever God has for you!!

June 15, 2015 at 05:45
Lee Mattson

Lee Mattson

There is someone for everybody! I know what you’re going through, but I understand the situation more when I look at women in my family. Some of them didn’t marry until they were almost 30, but they are strong and independent. While being introverted can change, sometimes one has to accept that that’s the way God made you! It’s normal to want to have innocent fun and go to prom and things like that, but if you have really high expectations, chances are once you do date and marry, you will give your all to that relationship! I think it’s very normal to have high standards. Many of my friends, even some of my non-Christian ones, have high hopes and are willing to wait. 🙂

June 23, 2015 at 13:22
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