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Sister getting close to friend?

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Hey girls.
First off, I love my sister very much, she just doesn\’t understand exactly what being a friend is.
So, this story begins a few years ago. I found a website like this and I met many incredible girls. But there is one in particular that I really hit it off with, and we\’ve been in contact a while. She lives around the world from me, but we still plan to meet and i have trusted her with things that no one else really knows about me and she has done that same. Throughout the past years she had been the most constant friend I have.
My sister, is not a very good friend. She says things just to upset people and she hasn\’t been able to keep a friendship over a year. I have a few friends that she really dislikes and she will say bad things about them and argue with them. She had gotten in the middle of so many of my friendships.
I recently made a mistake and introduced them. I have a few reasons I don\’t want them to be close
1. My sister is a time bomb. She hurt people she\’s close to and puts her self first, and won\’t admit when she is wrong.
2. Bells has kinda been my friend that no one really knows much about. When I have a problem with my sister I can talk to her. When my dad shows his favoritism I talk to her and she makes me feel better about, sometimes it is my telling me that anyone who would prefer her overt me is an idiot. But if she knows my sister then she won\’t talk about her behind her back. She\’s to Good of a person.
3. I am selfish. I dint share people well. I get jealous and I\’m working on it. But when my sister finds it necessary to come in just to tell me that they\’re talking I get really insecure because I have airways been people\’s second choice and bells understands that but, almost everyone prefers my sister and I couldn\’t handle being second to her again. That is something that really drives me over the edge and causes me to think or sometimes even actually self harm. And she has been the one who when I am struggling I talk to. And without her I have no one I trust that much.

So yeah, what do I do?

December 29, 2015 at 23:10
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