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Still In Love With Him

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So in 2013 I started to like my best friend, a few months later we began to pursue each other. Things were really rough though, he never wanted to commit to me fully, and continued to act single even though we were supposedly “together”. I was always getting hurt in the relationship and every time I would call it quits he would pull me back in. As our relationship grew I realized that I was in love with him, and it became harder and harder to try and get out of the relationship because of the fact that I felt empty without him. We were on again off again up until this month when I finally told him that we should just be friends. At first, I felt so good about myself and I was surprisingly happy. But now, I am really depressed. I feel like I have totally lost sight of the person that I am because of this relationship. I never felt good enough about myself around him, and we were always doing things that I later felt so guilty for. I know that he’s probably not the person that God wants me to be with, but I really miss him. I’m constantly crying nowadays and I just feel lifeless without him. I would really appreciate you guy’s advice on this one, I feel so alone 🙁

January 30, 2015 at 15:24
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