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I don’t exactly know where to start because it isn’t just, “I made out with a guy and now he is all on me…”

But it is kind of true.

My ex boyfriend sent me through one loop of a relationship- let me tell you, and I could get into that, but that is for another day… He manipulated my relationship with Christ, and then left me for dirt- to say the least, I was/am hurt by that GREATLY. We both promised and committed through Christ to each other, and… anyway… 1.) didn’t want him to be there first one in the game. 2.) wanted to prove to myself I can move on…

Some christian girl, huh? I know.. and it gets worse..

Selected a guy that was into me before, and I hung out with pretty regularly, and made out with him…I feel awful. I honestly and truly do. That is not something I have ever done, or anything like me to be frank. He is a nice guy, but not a committed christian…

One Sunday I invited him to church expecting a no show, but I made out with the guy, you know? And I was reaching for some kind of lifeline that maybe I didn’t make out with an atheist… And he came, unexpectedly. The next Sunday he asked if he could come, and I explained that I serve every other Sunday, so I wouldn’t be able to join him, but he is more than welcome to attend nonetheless, of course he wouldn’t come on his own to church, right?
I serve at the info desk- and after the service closed, he walked up to the desk with his brother. He actually came, and brought his brother- I was elated and totally thrown off.

I am not overly into him, but I can see his heart growing in the Lord, but this makes me fearful- if I express to him how wrong I was, how incredibly sorry I am, and that it was an awful mistake that should never ever occur again…I will now be tied to church for him, and I don’t want him to stop attending just because of me.

Someone, please please please… I need help approaching this. Do I continue talking to him and hanging out with him? I just.. I need help.

August 28, 2015 at 19:37
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