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Stress Myself Out!

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So, for the past few years (I’m now almost 15 and am a freshman in high school) I have put a lot of pressure on myself in school. My parents have always told me the grades don’t matter, it’s about the learning, and I know absolutely none of the pressure is coming from them! Of course they want me to do well, but they just want me to always do my best and work hard – which is what i want to. Last year in 8th grade i got straight A’s, and so far have here too. Btw, I do not go to school in the states, i go to a very good international school in Moscow, Russia.
I always work hard and do my best in every class but I got a C on a math quiz and i like totally freaked out and I don’t know, I just stress myself out so much with my grades. I like getting good grades and stuff and i always do my very best but i still just get mad at myself if i get like a B- or something. I dont know, i just feel like i put way too much pressure on myself and i don’t know why. My parents set me up with my school counselor once just to talk (which was very awkward ahah) and she told me “have the courage to be imperfect.” I know God knows i will never be perfect and i’m not trying to be.
I have gotten better, now I can accept my mistakes and know they will be helpful later on.
But still….how do i not pressure myself so much?

March 25, 2015 at 02:13


I’m the same way. I put SO much pressure on myself in high school, I HAD to get As. It paid off though, I graduated with a really high GPA. 😛 Still, I see what you mean, it’s unhealthy to put so much pressure on yourself, really.

It’s good to set high standards, just be ok with making mistakes. It’s all part of learning, and becoming the best person you can be!

March 25, 2015 at 16:56
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