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Stressed, Hurt, and Confused

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*Sigh* … A LOT has been happening lately, and I REALLY need prayer- lots of it. I have finals coming up in a couple weeks, and I don’t know what to study yet. I’m also not doing that well in my science or math classes, and I’m scared I’m going to have to retake this first semester next year. And if I have to do that, then I’ll be behind for the rest of my high school experience.
I also have tons of drama and choir performances soon. I’m not ready for any of them, and one of the songs that I have to sing next week, we weren’t even given until today. And it’s a really hard one. I also have a banquet coming up, and while I liked the guy I’m going with at first, I’ve realized that we really don’t have anything in common. Plus, I think I’m still kind of hung up on my crush from last year.

Okay, I know I’m still hung up on him. Except now he has a girlfriend.

And it’s really confusing!!! I really thought I liked this guy, and then he asked me to the banquet (it’s like a prom, just no dancing), and I realized that I just don’t like him anymore… And it’s just really confusing.
As most of you know, I moved over the summer. And while I’m really loving my new school and my new friends and everything, I also really miss some of the people from my old school, and I miss my old house. My family and I got our Christmas tree today, and I started to cry because it’s just not the same anymore. And it’s one of my old friend’s birthday tomorrow, and I just defended her on Facebook because we had just been drifting apart. Only now with all the stuff going on with the banquet, and me being confused about this other guy, she is really the only one who could talk me through it, because she just knows me like that. Only we haven’t talked in over six months, and that really hurts.
One of my new friends just recently friended two guys from my old school because she had heard me talking about them, and they both accepted. One of those guys is one that I think I still like. And I don’t think she really understands how much it hurts, you know? And I don’t think I can really talk to her about it either, because she probably just thinks it’s cool that this guy accepted her request.

So… yeah. A lot is going on. I’m stressed, hurt, confused, and in a deep need of prayer. And advice.

December 1, 2014 at 17:50
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