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Stressed Out, Feelings of Annoyance, & Spiritual Life Plummeting?

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Hi there,
So much to say, so little room, where to start?
I understand high school can be a bit overwhelming, and also balancing out spiritual life, along with managing stress and anxiety, is not an easy task.
This is what I am currently going though (what I stated above).

I am caught up in deliberate sin all-of-the-time. I snap. I loose it.
My excuse? (I call my “trigger”) I’m stressed out from worrying about sin constantly. To be blunt, I have an “on-edge” feeling everyday. The sudden shutting of a door, for example, can make me jump or someone quickly entering a room, is a upfront result of this on-edge feeling.
I’ve resorted to food,to procrastinating, to watching television while I should be studying, as “coping.”
What should I do?
I asked God to forgive me, but I’m just sick of everything! I don’t want to crack open my Bible, because I know if anything I stumble across comes up with sin, it will just be one of the many intrusive thoughts & worries that piles up into my mind throughout the day.

I want to add I’m constantly thinking about the next time I will eat What time is lunch? What will be for dinner?) I this idolatry?
My worst fear is if I dropped dead this very second, where would I be going?

January 9, 2015 at 14:35


i know how that can feel praying for yea

January 9, 2015 at 16:46
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You don’t go to hell for sinning. You go to hell for rejecting Jesus, the only one who can cleanse us of our sins.

It seems like right now you’re having a rough time because you are so concerned about your salvation. God loves you despite your sins, so don’t let that hinder your relationship with God and with the word.

January 11, 2015 at 14:02
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