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The after of when God restores everything

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I need help! It seems like it is time for me to walk towards the next step of the cycle of life, relationships/courtship. Once upon a time I was a girl without limits. If I liked a boy I surely would go ahead & talk to him with no shame. Which wasn’t okay to a certain point. See, there something called limits. What I want you to understand is that I behaved like that because I was insecure. Grew up being a victim of bullying. So ugly to them that I was even compared to cars. God restored me. I’m a new creature. Free from everything once bondage me. I found myself so restore that it is like the things from my past never happened. And . . . That’s the problem. They say I’m pretty. Don’t take me wrong, I really am not bragging. True is that a couple of handsome boys try to talk to me. Theirs parents try to talk to my parents telling them he is single! But, I run away from them. Both of them. I don’t even look at them. Jeez! PI sister, they are so handsome. Figure Ken & prince charming. That’s how the two of them look like. But add southern & christian. Dreaming, isn’t? What before was easy to me, I found it so hard now. I have become *so* shy. I have been praying a lot for the man God has for me. & now these boys show interest all of the sudden. What attracted them? My love for Christ, my body, dad’s position, being Caribbean, my accent or maybe I’m ovulating, who knows? Perhaps they just want to be friends! Fellowship or relationship to be, I need help in knowing how to interact with the opposite sex. Please help this awkward human being. What should I do?

February 2, 2015 at 16:32
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