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The Bible Doesn't Inspire Me

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Hey girl.
I’ve been thinking a lot and whenever anyone tells me to read scripture or gives me a verse to read when in struggling it just doesn’t connect with me.
A healthy relationship with me involves a lot of conversation or intimate talks.
But reading the bible to me is like reading messages ment for someone else. It just doesn’t connect with me and it feels like a chore. I really want to be a good Christian but I dont want my Christianity to be a responsibility.

February 12, 2016 at 23:44


I know what you mean. I sometimes liken closeness with God in the same way that you might see, say, another student chilling out with the principal or a coworker totally lax around the boss. Not being so close, it’s like “What? I could never be that casual around them.”

I’d definitely start with prayer that God will speak to you more clearly. Try reading verses about things you’re passionate about. For example, I’m passionate about becoming a judge some day, so I checked out verses about justice and mercy, and it hit close to home. I’m definitely not in a wonderful place spiritually, but checking out those verses kind of helped me grow after being stagnant for a while. I hope I answered your question.

February 13, 2016 at 16:46


I think the best advice I can give you is to read and pay attention to the parts that you understand and that bring you peace, and not to worry about parts that disturb you or that are difficult to understand. There are some wonderful verses in the Bible! And wonderful advice or success, happiness, and confidence.

We really only understand the Bible through God’s Holy Spirit, so it doesn’t make sense to obsess over passages (like I do, cough cough) that don’t make sense or makes you anxious. If a passage makes you anxious or is boring, you simply don’t understand it properly. And that’s OK! Like I said, it’s God’s holy spirit that gives you wisdom to understand, and God’s wisdom is always peaceful (James 3:17)

Sometimes I love reading the Bible, and sometimes it’s a chore. TBH, when it’s a chore, I don’t usually read it. One thing that’s great to do if it seems to always be a chore is to get some good spiritual/devotional books. I love Joseph Prince!

One more thing: While I said it’s not good to obsess over passages (idk if you do that or not hopefully not! 🙂 ) I do think that study is good! I like looking up the original language it was written in (Hebrew for the OT and Greek for the NT) you can learn a lot of cool things that way! And as you read the Bible more you’ll see how certain verses fit together, even if they’re in different books. It’s pretty cool.

Above all, just realize how much God adores you. Just as you are.

February 13, 2016 at 17:18


Also, I just want to say it’s annoying when someone tells you that you have to read the Bible. That makes it a chore. Also, if you’re struggling with something, a simple verse may not be what you need. You might need genuine help or practical advice. So don’t feel bad that it’s not helping in that way.

Read the Bible to understand His love for you, to understand who you are and what you have in Christ, and to get to know Jesus better.

February 13, 2016 at 17:22


Thanks for the advice.
Instead of reading the bible, I started listening to more Christian music. But tonight, I was on an app and I saw a picture of a verse. It was like three words and I thought that it had been taken out of context.
The picture just said something like “‘He will protect you’ Psalms 91:4 ” but when I looked at it, the verse was do much better.
I have been thinking about getting wings tattooed on my back.( Any naysayers of tattoos can you please keep silent, I’ve already heard it and I have a while And I read this verse and it just hit me. I love them, their something I really like. Anyway, I looked at a few translations. And they all had the same meaning but the wording was best in one and I was just wrapped in happiness. It was beautiful and just finally the bible had something that comforted me.
“He will spread his wings over you and keep you secure. His faithfulness is like a shield or a city wall.”
And I am currently reading over this chapter and just I went to the bible while I was stressed and it turned out so well and now I’m really exited!

February 22, 2016 at 21:04


Aw yay I’m so happy for you girlfriend! I love it when a Bible passage speaks to me like that.

I think a tattoo like that sounds absolutely beautiful.

February 22, 2016 at 21:28
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