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The "one" … is there one?

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I only date with a purpose, and recently I believe I found someone I could easily learn to love, and he said the same for me! We felt we were equally yolked, and we rose each other up in our faith with the Lord throughout our relationship… it was not until after we broke up (for reasons I will get to) I realized I feel he might be someone, or “the one.” We broke up because he felt the Lord called him to do so, but we both were so out of peace with that decision, and it was very very hard to do. If it were the right thing, would there not be a peace in that even if it were hard? The more we talked about it afterwards, he went to his parents, and they told him they felt the Lord tell them I am not the one for him, and then he said he felt the same way after they said that. Even though literally everything was perfect between us, and that we care so deeply for each other, we are having a hard time wrapping our heads around this. We have hopes for each other being “the ones”, we want to love each other someday- and when I pray, what I feel in my heart, what I read, what other people have approached me individually about after prayer, I feel that we will come back to each other when we both have spiritually matured. At first he felt the same way, but now he is saying all in all I am not the one, even though he wants that more than anything. I am terribly confused by all of this, and it is making me wonder….
Does God have one person set aside for us to marry? I am not saying we have multiple people to marry throughout our time here on earth, but is it really one person God chose for us, or is this something we decide, we commit, and we make work following the guidelines of His Word? Being equally yolked and holding to the standards and man and wife should hold being biblically stated. Does it say anywhere in the bible that God has someone destined for those of us who are supposed to marry? Once he and I discovered the clashing prayer over the one verses not the one, we explored the possibilities, because we both wan that! The thought that the people we are now may not be the ones, but we realize that after spiritually maturing, we will become different people in Christ- we thought maybe once that occurred, those people who we will someday be, they could be the ones for us? But if we didn’t take this time to explore deeper in ourselves and our own relationships with Christ, perhaps we would not become the people we are intended to be, therefore never being together in a healthy way that God intends… But that all makes sense to us if there really is a “one” person that God has set aside for us to be with someday… is that really so?

June 7, 2015 at 10:58


One of my favorite quotes about this subject.

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