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The question of the 'm' word and sin (mature readers only, please)

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I understand that lust is sin. Lust in the Bible is the overwhleming/uncontrollable desire to have something; in contrast to its modern day meaning “sexual desire”.
Would be practicing the ‘m’ word without any specific thoughts… be sinful?

And another thing,
wouldn’t even having… sexual thoughts (as long as its not rooted in porn) be considered sin until it turns into actually wanting to do those things with someone in real life?
Lastly, is it fornication?

-PS, I’m a non denominational Christian, I don’t know if this bit of info helps. *shrugs*

January 26, 2015 at 11:04


A lot of this relies on your personal understanding and relationship to God, so I wouldn’t rely too heavily on what someone else says. Afterall, my mom puts it best when she says “sin is selfishness.” So Lust becomes a capital L Lust/sin when it’s this overwhelming urge and becomes greedy.
Its like you can think having something sounds cool without commiting an act of Greed, y’know? So it’s a fine line and depends on your understanding of things and can vary.

January 27, 2015 at 17:15


I honestly don’t know and don’t think that we are worthy to judge whether it is or isn’t a sin. However, if you have doubts, don’t do it. If you feel guilty or have to look for loop holes, than you probably know that it’s wrong but just don’t have that closure to know for sure (am I making sense?). Also, I guess if you do “the m word” without have any sexual thoughts whatsoever, there’s nothing that I know of that says it’s wrong, but what are the chances of not having sexual thoughts while doing that? It’s a sexual thing, you will have sexual thoughts if you do “the m word” so it’s better to just stay away from it, in my opinion.

February 5, 2015 at 16:20
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