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Two more weeks of stress

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Im a freshman in High school and in two more weeks, school will be over and summer will finally be here. I been wanting summer sense January rolled around. HighSchool isn’t all that great and I was really ready to leave and start the two month break I deserve. Even dropping out didn’t seem like a bad idea but I know I shouldn’t lol. We have tests and finals these last two weeks and I’m really stressed, I need advice and prayers.

May 10, 2016 at 04:09


I feel the SAME exact way!! School for me closes in about 5 weeks 🙁
About the finals thing, I think it all depends on how you’re doing in school right now. If you fail most classes, I would study pretty much every single night for most of the night, and maybe even quit watching tv and going on your computer/phone (unless it’s for sights like these) for these 2 weeks or at least 1 of them. If you’re failing 1-2 classes, I would maybe quit your computer/phone (unless for sights like these) for weekdays, and study mostly every night. If you have average grades, don’t stress yourself. Just limit your time of doing nothing and study about every night, but not for too long. But, if you have really good grades, don’t stress it! Just study, not every day, and keep doing your best! Besides, God just wants you to be a good person, not a genius, and if you don’t do the very best on your finals, I’m sure he would understand that you tried.
Sorry for making you read this long thing, I talk a lot. lol
And no no no no no do not drop out lol
Yes I even think of that sometimes… Maybe (if you dislike school very much, like I do) you can try homeschooling or self tutoring?
I’ll make sure to add you to my mental list of prayers.
Also I suggest reading this:
Hope I helped!

May 17, 2016 at 09:29


I completely understand all of your stress. I m also a freshman and hate it! But for me I still have three weeks of school. 🙁 But I just think that after we get through them, we have such a long break just to relax and dive into God’s word whenever we want to. Trust me when I say, I’m done being s freshman, because all of the upperclassmen don’t pay any attention to us. But just think that we get to be one of them next year… and that time is almost here!

May 17, 2016 at 09:29
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