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Very conflicted… Please help me!

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To start off, there is this guy (“Tom”) who I am positive likes me. Even though we are both Christian, he’s actually kind of scaring me because he’s 14 (I’m 15) and is already thinking about marriage and the kids we are going to have and stuff. His older brother also happens to be my sister’s boyfriend. So Tom’s older brother invited my sister to go skiing with him and Tom this weekend, but after he invited her, he also said to invite me because Tom would want me to go along too. (I actually like Tom, so… yeah.) My little sister “Tina” also likes Tom, and when she found out that Tom invited me instead of her, she was upset. Like, to the point of tears kind of upset. Anyways, my older sister asked our parents if we could go, and they haven’t decided yet. Thing is, I don’t even know if I’m still invited, and if Tom doesn’t go, then I am definitely not going. So, I’m not allowed to date, and my parents are certain that Tom is going to ask me out when we’re both allowed to, but they are concerned that it could turn into a “date-not-date” kinda thing. I really want to go because I never see Tom anymore and it would be great to hang out, but I don’t want to hurt Tina more by saying yes, and if I do say yes and Tom ends up saying yes too, how do act in a way that lets him know that although I like him and everything, this won’t be a date and we have to wait until we’re old enough. Sorry, this whole thing is kinda scattered and stuff, but I just need so much help. It’s really bogging me down…

December 30, 2014 at 15:12
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